Aroma Consumer Products Co.: Managing Capacity for a Growing Company

How can Aroma Consumer Products Co., the primary overseas manufacturer for a growing US candle producer, expand production capacity to meet a sudden demand increase?

Carri Chan, C. Daniel Guetta  | Fall 2021
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Aroma Consumer Products Co. has served as Chesapeake Bay Candle Co.’s Hangzhou, China-based manufacturing partner since the company’s inception and has helped Chesapeake sell candles to its initial US clients in the high-end tier of candles. With a growing reputation within the niche space, Chesapeake has recently captured a major customer in the mid-tier candle category and Aroma Consumer Products is suddenly facing a much greater production mandate. Working harder wouldn’t be enough—they would also have to work smarter, and she realized that this would mean making significant changes. In this case, students will learn about the manufacturing and distribution process in the candle industry, discuss operational bottlenecks, and determine operational capacity as well as ways to increase it to meet near term demand spikes.

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