Innovate or Fail: Western Union versus Digital Competitors in Global Remittances

How can Western Union position itself to maintain its market presence in the rapidly changing global financial services industry?
R. A. Farrokhnia, Stephen P. Zeldes  | Spring 2022
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In 2021, Western Union is the global market leader in the global remittances and money transfer industry, a position that it has long held after pioneering telegraph communications and innovating prolifically to stay abreast of the needs of its customers. However, in recent decades, innovation in mobile technologies has brought in new, digitally native competitors that have taken significant share from Western Union due to their differentiated platforms and growth-oriented partnerships. This case explores the global money transfer market, as well as the financial technology innovations that have recently bolstered its growth and the entry of nascent players. Students will consider the challenges that Western Union faces from competitive technologies and develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving within the new digital ecosystem.

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