Ilona Fridman


Using a non-fit message helps to de-intensify negative reactions to tough advice
Coauthor(s): Scherr, Karen, Glare, Paul., Higgins, E. Tory.
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Regulatory Focus Theory and Health Communications
Coauthor(s): Higgins E.Tory
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Appropriate use of psychology in patient-physician communication: Influencing Wisely (Letter in response to a comment)
Coauthor(s): Epstien, Andrew. S., Higgins, E. Tory.
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Appropriate Use of Psychology in Patient-Physician Communication Influencing Wisely
Coauthor(s): Ilona Fridman, MPhil; Andrew S. Epstein, MD; E. Tory Higgins, PhD
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The physician recommendation coding system (PhyReCS): A reliable and valid method to quantify the strength of physician recommendations during clinical encounters.
Coauthor(s): Scherr, K. A., Fagerlin, A., Williamson, L. D., Davis, J. K., Ubel, P. A
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