Policy Research

Industry Studies

Industry Studies are intended to provide readers with a comprehensive review of the pertinent accounting conventions, academic literature, and approaches to security analysis.

White Paper Projects

In these projects, the best thinking and practices are brought to bear on a significant issue. A "White Paper" project is in-depth and comprehensive, aimed towards those familiar with the topic at hand--e.g., standard-setters, regulators, CFOs and professional accountants. Because of the nature of these projects, they are time-intensive, and can take up to a year to complete.

Policy Brief Series

Policy Briefs may focus on a specific section or the overall content of the White Paper. They are no more than ten pages, are more readable, and provide graphs and charts to illustrate solutions.

Occasional Paper Series

Other projects may not require the in-depth approach of our white paper projects, but warrant analysis. In these cases, an expert in his/her field is commissioned to address the issue, under the eye of the directors, in our "Occasional Paper" series. These projects are shorter than the White Paper projects and address narrower issues.

CEASA Comments

As part of a CEASA newsletter, we may publish a brief comment on relevant issues in accounting and security analysis called CEASA Comments.