Giving to Columbia

A Columbia Business School degree continues to serve as a strong and integral foundation for professional achievement. The power of our network — comprising distinguished alumni, renowned faculty members, talented students, and dedicated friends — and our unparalleled culture of excellence have solidified Columbia’s sterling reputation as a leader in graduate management education over the last 100 years. The Business School’s Centennial in 2016 will be a tipping point in our tremendous history, and we invite you to invest in the School’s future by adding your distinct mark to our momentous legacy.

Your participation in the School’s Centennial and beyond will transform the extraordinary individual Columbia experience into a collective one, redefining what it means to be a part of the Columbia Business School network. With exciting Reunion Weekend events for those alumni celebrating their class anniversaries, a special Centennial Annual Dinner, a regional showcase series featuring Dean Glenn Hubbard, and crucial funding initiatives and challenges that increase the impact of giving, there are numerous ways to get involved. This is the time to celebrate the spectacular people who make the School all that we are, were, and will become. Together, we can bolster the incredible strength of our bond and all that it affords for the next 100 years. 

A Legacy of Giving

Columbia Business School’s triumphant first century would not have been possible without the commitment and generosity of our alumni, students, friends, and faculty members. Throughout our history, Columbians have driven the School to the height of graduate management education. 

Building a Foundation

Due to the rapid growth of industry and finance, the dawn of the 20th century in New York City brought with it a significant demand for formal business education. Realizing the need for such a program, Emerson McMillin and A. Barton Hepburn supplied the School with its founding gifts in 1916 and 1919. These contributions enabled the School to have a building of its own, a factor that would be vital to its success; on February 16, 1923, Columbia Business School broke ground on Dodge Hall, the School’s first home.

Since then, the support of dedicated alumni and friends has facilitated the School’s expansion into Uris Hall and Warren Hall and will enable the establishment of new facilities on the Manhattanville Campus. From within these varied walls, numerous leading academics and talented students have shaped the field of business, many with the support of fellowships, scholarships, and professorships. Building upon this legacy, Lee Cooperman ’67 introduced the Cooperman Scholarship Challenge in 2007, which led to the creation of more than 40 scholarships and garnered $10 million in need-based awards. That same year, Art Samberg ’67 established the Arthur J. Samberg Faculty Development Challenge, which resulted in the establishment of 17 new endowed professorships at the School, further strengthening Columbia’s robust faculty.

At the Center of Support

Columbia Business School’s intellectual capital is enhanced by 25 centers, institutes, and programs that encourage the exchange of ideas within and beyond the School. Over the years, donations to these initiatives have promoted world-class academics and revolutionary research. In 2011, Richard Paul Richman ’73 founded the Richard Paul Richman Center for Business, Law, and Public Policy, a visionary joint venture between Columbia’s Business and Law Schools. The Richman Center is a dynamic resource for innovation and research on topics at the intersection of business, law, and public policy. Most recently, Anthony and Sandra Tamer made a pivotal contribution to launch the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, which will aid in developing the next generation of global change makers.

The landscape of business continues to evolve and with it the resources necessary to provide a premier management education. These challenges are fully understood by two of Columbia’s greatest philanthropists, Henry Kravis ’69 and Ronald O. Perelman, who each have pledged transformative gifts toward the construction of the Business School’s new facilities on the Manhattanville Campus. These buildings will provide the environment and tools to bolster Columbia’s initiatives and cultivate its thought leadership well into the next century. 

From our founding gift to the exceptional generosity of today’s leadership donors, it is our valued community that has helped the School meet ever-changing business needs and prepare tomorrow’s business leaders for success. We hope that you will join this extraordinary history of giving by contributing to the School as we enters our exciting next chapter. 

Looking Forward, Giving Back

Columbia Business School is grateful to the past, current, and future donors who have enabled it to maintain its commitment to excellence and whose steadfast advocacy promises to yield a magnificent tomorrow. The strength of our network is essential to the School’s advancement. The dedication of our alumni to Columbia ensures that the School can further develop its curriculum and initiatives, attract talented students and faculty members, and attain its goal of becoming the preeminent graduate management education program in the world. 

There are many ways to cultivate Columbia Business School’s bright future. The initiatives listed below present numerous opportunities to provide critical assistance to the people and programs that maintain and grow the Business School’s reputation as a leader in the field. By contributing to crucial funding streams that support the School’s strategic priorities, you become an indelible and unforgettable part of Columbia’s tremendous legacy.