Chazen Faculty Fellow

The Chazen Institute is committed to supporting faculty whose teaching and research is globally focused. The Chazen Faculty Fellowship is awarded to faculty members who demonstrate the greatest promise in their area of focus with the goal of enhancing Columbia Business School’s global curriculum.

The current Chazen Faculty Fellow is Jesse Schreger.

About Jesse Schreger

Jesse Schreger is an assistant professor of macroeconomics in the Economics Division at Columbia Business School. His research is primarily on international finance and macroeconomics, focusing on sovereign debt and exchange rates. His work has been published in the American Economic Review and the Journal of Finance.

Professor Schreger is also a faculty research fellow in the National Bureau of Economic Research’s International Finance and Macroeconomics Program. Prior to joining Columbia, he was an assistant professor at Harvard Business School and a post-doctoral in the Department of Economics at Princeton University.

Professor Schreger received his PhD in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University. His undergraduate degree in economics and international relations is from the University of Pennsylvania.

Featured Research

"The Costs of Sovereign Default: Evidence from Argentina"

For several decades, one of the most important questions in international macroeconomics has been “why do governments repay their debts?” Using an identification strategy that exploits the timing of legal rulings in the case of Republic of Argentina v. NML Capital, we present evidence that a sovereign default significantly reduces the value of domestic firms. We provide suggestive evidence that exporters and foreign-owned firms are particularly hurt by sovereign default.