Chazen Professional Fellows

This distinguished group of practitioners is recognized for their sustained achievements in business and government with a strong interest in promoting research and/or teaching on the global economy and international business.

Guojun An
Associate Professor, Institute of Finance & Banking
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Areas of expertise: macroeconomic policy (including fiscal and monetary policy coordination and foreign exchange); corporate finance; private equity, and carbon finance.

Guojun An received her PhD in Finance and Economics from Renmin University of China, her MS in Development Economics from the University of Manchester, her MA in Finance and Economics and her BA in Investment and Management from North East University of Finance & Economics. She is a member of the Bond Market Committee in National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investor (NAFMII). Her professional credentials include interbank funding trade and foreign exchange trade; she is also a certified accountant and securities broker.

Mary Wadsworth Darby

Area of Expertise: China specialist with over twenty years of professional executive experience in Chinese financial markets.

Mary Wadsworth Darby is founder and managing director, Peridot Asia Advisors, a consulting and financial advisory firm focusing on cross-border transactions and strategic advisory services for firms doing business in greater China. Since 2005, she has also been a senior research scholar and professional fellow with the Chazen Institute at Columbia Business School specializing on China’s economy and financial system, and management and negotiation practices in comparison to the west. Darby has had extensive experience living and working in Asia. She began her career as a management consultant in the first group of business to travel to China after the historic Nixon-Kissinger opening and then joined Chase Manhattan Bank’s Pacific Advisory Group to advise clients on greater China. Darby was a member of the first Chase Bank delegation to Beijing with David Rockefeller, to negotiate the establishment of Chase’s commercial banking relationships with China. Darby was a member of the IBM team which sold the first IBM computer to Shenyang Blower Works. From 1988-94, Ms. Darby served as executive director of the America-China Society, an organization chaired by Henry Kissinger and Cyrus Vance, comprised of former senior governmental officials, CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies and leading financial institutions seeking to promote improved US-China relations. She then joined Morgan Stanley where she headed the Asia Desk in New York and then was acting head of Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Hong Kong. Ms. Darby presently serves on a number of educational and foundation boards. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Darby received her BA from Princeton University and MBA and MIA degrees from Columbia University. She speaks Mandarin.

JC de Swaan
Economics Department, Princeton University

Area of Expertise: Asian capital markets

JC de Swaan is a lecturer in the economics department at Princeton University and a Principal at Cornwall Capital, a multi-strategy global investment fund based in New York. At Princeton, he teaches courses on Ethics in Financial Markets, Asian capital markets and on hedge funds to undergraduate and graduate students. He also teaches an elective course at the Judge Institute of Management at the University of Cambridge. He has also taught in the past at Yale University and Cheung Kong Business School in Beijing. Prior to that, he was a principal at Sansar Capital, an Asia-dedicated hedge fund, and a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He received his BA from Yale University in Political Science, an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Harpreet Khurana

Area of Expertise: Indian business and economy

Harpreet Khurana currently advises senior executives across a variety of industry verticals as an Associate of the management consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton.  Khurana has co-authored research papers on India and the global services sourcing sector, which have been covered by The Wall Street Journal and leading Indian publications.   Khurana’s work has been cited in the World Investment Report (2004), a flagship publication of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and was invited to speak to a committee of global trade experts of the UNCTAD in January 2005. His report, with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, “Outsourcing: Costs and Quality Issues” was presented to the Indian Prime Minister to aid policy decisions. With funding from the Sloan Foundation and Columbia University’s CIBER, Khurana also developed a report on “Beyond Cost Reduction: The Risks and Rewards of Global Services Sourcing.”  Khurana has been a columnist for The Times of India and published articles for leading news dailies in India and the US. Khurana holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Bombay.