Deposit Insurance Undermines Financial Stability

Chazen News Release | October 17, 2018

Research from Chazen Senior Scholar Charles Calomiris shows deposit insurance generosity has increased the frequency and severity of banking crises over recent decades

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Baidu President Ya-Qin Zhang Talks Disruption and How Internet Companies Are Preparing To Master The Future

Chazen News Release | October 3, 2018

Addressing the Chazen Institute-sponsored forum, Zhang discusses the evolving functionality of internet search companies and the future of the internet of things

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Monetary Unions Often Come With a Costly Trade-Off

Chazen News Release | September 19, 2018

Research from Chazen Senior Scholar Patrick Bolton shows the cost of abandoning currency sovereignty may outweigh the trade benefits of a single currency

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Activists Set Their Sights on Mergers and Acquisitions

Chazen News Release | September 12, 2018

Research from Chazen Senior Scholar Wei Jiang shows new shareholder activism strategy is effectively stopping value-destroying acquisitions

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