The Chazen Institute draws on the expertise of world-class faculty members and business leaders to help shape the thinking and discourse on major global business issues. It sponsors and provides support for major research with significant cross-border implications.

Resources for Businesspeople

Chazen Global Insights  The Chazen Institute’s signature newsletter features in-depth reporting on new research pertinent to international markets, trade policy, and cross-border strategy.

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Resources for Scholars

Research Grants  The Chazen Institute offers stipends to faculty members and doctoral students for innovative research projects on global business and economic issues.

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Chazen Visiting Scholars  Scholars from overseas and domestic institutions can visit Columbia Business School to conduct research.

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Resources for Educators

Columbia CaseWorks The Chazen Institute has helped fund numerous teaching cases, including:

Resources on Global Trade

The Chazen Institute is home to some of the world's leading experts on trade — and organizes many events and symposia around the topic.

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