The Chazen International Research Prize

This prize was established in 1999 to acknowledge exceptional published research by Columbia Business School faculty members. Research articles must have been published by a recognized scholarly journal during the previous two years. The award is $4,000.


Faculty Member

Name of Paper


Geert Bekaert

Dating the Integration of World Equity Markets, Journal of Financial Economics, 2002


Joel Brockner

On the Need to Operationalize the Psychological Determinants of Country Effects: Towards Conceptual Progress in Cross-Cultural Research, Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 25


Jacob Thomas and James Claus

Equity Premia as Low as Three Percent? Evidence from Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts for Domestic and International Stock Markets, Journal of Finance, October 2001


Raymond Fisman

Estimating the Value of Political Connections, American Economic Review, September 2001


Casey Ichniowski

The Effects of Human Resource Management Systems on Economic Performance: An International Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Plants, Management Science, Vol. 45, No. 5, May 1999


Deen Kemsley

The Effect of Taxes on Production Location, The Journal of Accounting Research, Autumn 1998


Elke Weber

Cross-Cultural Differences in Risk Perception But Cross-Cultural Similarities in Attitudes Toward Received Risk, Management Science, September 1998