Call for Global Immersion Program Teaching Assistants

For Brazil, Tunisia, China, and Vietnam

Applications due Monday, June 26, 2017

The Chazen Institute is looking for one student Teaching Assistant (TA) for each of the following:

  • Global Immersion: Doing Business in Brazil: Challenges & Opportunities taught by Medini Singh. Tentative travel dates: January 14-20, 2018
  • Global Immersion: Doing Business in North Africa taught by Kamel Jedidi. Tentative travel dates: January 14-20, 2018
  • Global Immersion: The Business Environment in Vietnam taught by Michel Tuan Pham. Tentative travel dates: January 7-13, 2018
  • Global Immersion: Growth Opportunities in a Transforming China taught by Shang-Jin Wei. Tentative travel dates January 13-20, 2018

TA Responsibilities and Requirements

Global Immersion Program TAs play a crucial role in the cultural aspects of the student travel experience building on the long tradition of student leadership; for native students, it's a great opportunity to introduce your country to your fellow students. TAs also support the academic needs of the class and the faculty.

  • TAs should be natives or have extensive experience in both the country and the city to be visited during the in-country portion of the class; preference will be given to students with knowledge of the region, language and culture.
  • Responsibilities include liaising with companies to confirm business meetings and with students as they plan their travels.
  • They are required to be enrolled in the class, complete all deliverables and stay in the hotel with the students to be fully accessible to them.
  • GIP TAs will receive a stipend and will have their program fee waived.

GIPs will be led academically in country by the faculty member, who will rely on TAs for logistical support and cultural expertise. While the faculty member may also be a native of the country, or someone with extensive knowledge of the region, their primary goal is to teach. Therefore a TA is brought on board as the primary source of cultural knowledge and advice, and will be heavily relied upon by the students. A Chazen Institute staff member may also accompany the tour to provide additional support.

How to Apply

To apply for these positions, please send a short statement of interest and CV to Applications are due Monday, June 26, 2017. Please visit the Chazen Institute website to learn more about the Global Immersion Program.

For students interested in participating in these courses, they will be open during fall bidding in July.