Past Tours

Over the past ten years, Columbia Business School students and faculty have traveled to and beyond the cultural hotspots and into the factories and companies of the following countries through Chazen Global Study Tours: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Belgium, Brazil, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand. Visit the Chazen Institute in Uris 2M2 for past agendas.

Topic-focused tours have explored real estate in Argentina/Brazil, China, London/Berlin, and Mexico. Social enterprise tours have traveled to Ecuador, India, Paris/Brussels and Rwanda.

Sample Agenda for Japan
Sample Agenda for India
Sample Agenda for Real Estate Focus in Brazil

2017-18 Study Tours

May 2018: Japan, Mexico, Mongolia
Spring 2018: China (Technology), Real Estate (China), London/Paris (Retail Luxury Goods), South Korea, Spain
Winter 17/18: South Afria, Guatemala
Summer 2017:  Brazil

2016–17 Study Tours

Spring 17: Israel (2 tours), Italy, South Korea, Philippines, Japan (2 tours), Real Estate (South Africa), Spain
Winter 16/17:  China, India, Kenya/Uganda, Korea-Hong Kong (Media/Arts/Entertainment), South Africa, Taiwan/Singapore

2015–16 Study Tours

Spring 16: Japan, Real Estate (Singapore/China), Israel (2 tours), South Korea, Germany
Winter 15/16:  India, Argentina

2014–15 Study Tours

Spring 15: Japan, Real Estate (Colombia/Mexico), Israel, Italy (Food and Luxury Goods), South Korea, Indonesia
Winter 14/15: South Africa, India, Hong Kong/Taiwan

2013–14 Study Tours

Spring 14: Japan, Real Estate (China), Israel, Spain, South Korea
Winter 13/14: South Africa, Thailand, UAE

2012-13 Study Tours

Summer 13: Poland
Spring 13: Japan, Real Estate (Brazil), Israel, Spain, Greece, South Korea
Winter 12/13: India

2011-12 Study Tours

Spring 12: Japan, Real Estate (China), Innovation (Scandinavia), Israel, Spain, South Korea
Winter 11/12: India

2010–11 Study Tours

Spring 11: Japan, Real Estate (Mexico), Israel, Italy, South Korea
Winter 10/11: India, Egypt/Dubai

2009–10 Study Tours

Spring 10: Japan, Real Estate (Brazil), Italy, South Korea
Winter 09/10: India, Dubai, Egypt/Israel

2008–09 Study Tours

Spring 09: Japan, Real Estate (South Africa), Social Enterprise (Argentina), South Korea
Winter 08/09: India, Italy

2007–08 Study Tours

Spring 2008: Bulgaria/Romania, China, Dubai/Doha, Japan, Real Estate in Mexico, South Korea
Winter 07/08: Social Enterprise in India, India, Italy, South East Asia

2006–07 Study Tours

Summer 2007: Brazil
Spring 2007: China, Japan, Latin America, Renewable Energy (Brazil), Real Estate (Sao Paulo, Brazil/Buenos Aires, Argentina), South Korea
Winter 06/07: Australia, India, Italy, Rwanda (Social Enterprise)