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General Info about Study Tours

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Please use this guide to familiarize yourself with the Chazen Study Tour bidding process. Please note that while this process will be very similar to regular elective course bidding, there are some differences: 

  1. There will only be ONE round of bidding
  2. There will not be a separate add/drop round 
  3. There will not be a separate waitlist round

If you require additional assistance, this site contains a Help area that includes step-by-step instructions, including screen shots from the Chazen Tours bidding website.

You’ll find current study tour information listed in "Upcoming Tours".  Please note that study tours may be cancelled at the discretion of the Chazen Institute.

How Bidding Works

Lifetime bid points are given upfront and carry over from semester-to-semester. You can use them equally in each semester, spend most of them on tours this semester, or save most of them for future use.  The strategy is up to you.  Once you’ve decided on the tours you wish to bid for, prioritize them and allocate your points accordingly.    

All students will be allocated 2,000 lifetime Chazen bid points. Chazen bid points can only be used for Chazen Study Tour bidding; they cannot be used for course or elective bidding. Students can gain extra points is by leading a study tour (an extra 250 bid points will be given to an organizer for every 10 participants on the trip, up to 4 organizers).

Bidding is not time-dependent.  All bids placed during a given round are processed at the end of that round.  You may change your mind and re-allocate your bid points at any time, and as often as you like, within a round. 

At the end of a round, bids are processed and the highest bidders are enrolled in the tour. The lowest successful bid will become that tour’s “clearing price” for that round, and everyone who successfully bid for the tour in that round will be charged the same price.   Points bid in excess of the clearing price will be refunded.  If there are seats left on a tour and the clearing price is manually reduced to 0 points.

Example 1: Let’s say there are 40 seats available in Chazen Study Tour to Japan in Round 1.  If 30 people bid 500 points for the tour, 15 people bid 100 points, and 10 people bid 50 points, the clearing price would be 100 points.  All 30 students who bid 500 would get into the tour, and receive a refund of 400 points.  The system would then randomly select 10 of the 15 students who bid 100 points, and enroll them in the tour.  The 5 unsuccessful 100-point bidders would get all of their points refunded, as would the 10 students who bid 50 points.  (Disclaimer:  these numbers are just given as an example; they are not a recommendation of a price for this tour.)

Example 2: If there are 40 seats available in the Chazen Study Tour to India in Round 1, and 10 people bid 500 points for the tour, and 20 people bid 1 point for the tour, the clearing price for that tour in that round would be 1 point.  All 30 students would get into the tour, and the 10 who bid 500 points would get a refund of 499 points.

Students can view their individual bidding results on the Chazen Study Tours bidding website (under “My Bids and Tours”).  They will also have access to an “account statement” for their bid points, enabling them to track “debits” and “credits” and see their current balance (under “My Actions”). 

If there is more than one section of a study tour, students have the option to be considered for the alternate section if spots remain in the other section. Students will be charged the clearing price of the section they successfully get into. If a student gets into an alternate section off the waitlist, they will be charged the clearing price of the section or their bid price, whichever is lower. 

The system will not prevent you from bidding on tours that overlap.  If successful in securing a seat in both tours, it is the student’s responsibility to drop one of the conflicting tours.    

NOTE: Be sure to check for conflicting block weeks, on-campus recruiting, etc.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the tour they have selected does not conflict with block week classes, on-campus recruiting, or other personal activities. Once a deposit is paid, bid points and deposits are non-refundable (exceptions are listed in the withdrawal section).

No swaps will be allowed. 


There will be no separate waitlist round, instead, everyone who unsuccessfully bid on a tour will automatically be placed on the waitlist for that tour.  The waitlist will be organized by bid amount, highest to lowest. If a seat becomes available, Chazen will contact students on the waitlist, and notify them by email. Students will have 48 hours to accept their spot by paying their deposit. Students who didn't place a bid can request to be added to the bottom of the waitlist at any time after bidding period ends for zero bid points. 

If you accept your spot, you will be charged your waitlist bid amount, NOT the clearing price for the waitlist, so make sure to bid what you are willing to pay. If you don’t pay your deposit, your bid points will be refunded to you. 

Securing Your Spot & Non-refundable Deposits

In order to secure your spot, students must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. Successfully bidding on a tour merely holds your spot on the tour; students will have a 48-hour period to secure their spot by paying the deposit. 

If you do not pay the deposit within the 48 hours, you will lose your spot on the tour and your bid points will be refunded to you.  Students are responsible for checking their email and paying their deposits within the 48-hour time frame. 

Once you have paid your deposit, bid points and deposits are non-refundable. After the student makes a deposit, they are committed to the tour and the Chazen Institute will no longer refund any bid points or deposits unless there is an exceptional circumstance (see below in WITHDRAWALS section).


Withdrawals from study tours create extra work for organizers as well as drives up costs for replacement students, therefore exceptions of the refund policy will only be given for the reasons listed below: 

  • Medical illness that would prevent you from traveling
  • Family emergency such as death or serious illness of immediate family member
  • Military service
  • Religous observance
  • Court appearances, such as jury duty or a court summons

NOTE: Classes (including Global Immersion and Block Week classes), interviews, weddings, student activities, conferences, personal travel, etc. Please review your schedule before bidding on a study tour.

Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Chazen Institute at [email protected] for consideration and include the reason for appeal and supporting documentation. If the request is approved, you will get your bid points back and a refund will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment.

NOTE: monetary refunds of deposit and final payments will be given less any non-refundable fees and expenses already incurred. The Chazen Institute will work to get you as much money back as possible. However, in certain instances, there are fees that are not recoverable (name change fees, cancellation fees, etc.) which will be deducted from your overall refund. These fees will vary from tour to tour as well as proximity to the departure date; that is, the closer you withdraw to the departure date, the less you will be refunded. If the withdrawal is made past the final payment deadline, you may be responsible for the full cost of the study tour depending on the cancellation policies of the respective study tour. 

Historical Data

Spring Study Tours 2019
Winter Study Tours 2018
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May Study Tours 2018
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