New Media, New Demand Measurement Methodologies

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Columbia University, New York

June 25, 2012

Uris Hall 330, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

A Workshop of the International Media Management Academic Association
Organized by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, in collaboration with the Center for Communications at Fordham University

The focused expert workshop will bring together academic researchers of media business as well as media managers and audience research companies. It will explore the audience measurement of online and mobile media, and the use of individualized data enabled by the new technology. While data scarcity has been often overcome, interpretation techniques have been lagging.


9:00am - Panel 1: New Approaches

John Lavine, Northwestern University, Welcome from IMMAA
Chris Scholz – University of Saarbruecken, by video
Eli Noam – Columbia University, Digital Media, Analog Methodologies – Introduction
Fernando Bermejo – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Harvard University, Open Society Foundations, From Audience Measurement to Web Analytics
Paul Rappoport – Chief Research Officer, Centris, Measuring the New Media Base: Moving from TV HHs to Video HHs
Joost van Dreunen/Janelle Benjamin – SuperData Research, Online Games Research: Getting Publishers to Play Nice

10:45am - Coffee Break

11:05 - Panel 2: Methodology Panel

Methodological Challenges and Opportunities in Online/Mobile Audience Measurement
Ben Compaine – Fordham University, Moderator
Philip Napoli – Fordham University, Social Media Analytics as an alternative method of audience research
John Carey – Fordham University, Measurement Challenges from New Audience Behavior
Sherill Mane – SVP Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB, Managing Media Measurement Change: The 3MS Story

12:45pm - Lunch Break

1:45pm - Panel 3: Practitioner Panel

Scott McDonald – Senior Vice President for Market Research, Condé Nast, Measuring Magazine Media on Mobile Platforms
Marco Parente – Director of Product Management, Nielsen – Audience Measurement Data for Online Streaming
Jeffrey Hackett – Executive Vice President, comScore – Methodological Approach to Audience and Advertising Effectiveness Measurement

3:05pm - Coffee Break

3:25pm - Panel 4: Society Panel

Russ Neuman – University of Michigan, Trends of Information Flows and Consumption, Moderator
Paulo Faustino - Porto University, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, The Online News and Digital Newspaper Concentration and Voices Diversity in Portugal
Andrew Gruen – Northwestern University, The Informedness Center Project
Limor Peer – Yale University, User Engagement with Online News: Conceptualizing Interactivity and Exploring the Relationship Between Online News Videos and User Comments

4:55pm - Conclusion and Outlook

Eli Noam and John Lavine, Moderator
What is next for New Audience Research?
What is next for IMMAA?

5:30pm - Reception