The Future of The Internet

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The Future of Internet Governance After Dubai: Are We Heading to a Federated Internet?

June 20th 2013
Columbia University, New York


9:00am Welcome and Overview

  • Raul Katz Welcome
  • Eli Noam: A Federated Model for Internet Governance (Confirmed)

9:30am Do We Need To Move To A Different Approach To Internet Governance?

What is the current status and challenges of Internet governance?

  • Taylor Reynolds:Head of Working Party Information Economy, ICCP–OECD 
  • James Cowie: CTO - Renesys: "Measure Twice, Cut Once: Data Challenges of Internet Governenance"
  • Panel Moderator: Raul Katz

10:00am The geopolitics of Internet Governance: avoiding the digital cold war

  • Aparna Sridhar, Policy Counsel – Google "After Dubai: Key Global Challenges"
  • Beatrice Covassi, European Union Washington DC Delegation 
  • Raul Katz, CITI "Internet Governance in Latin America: It is All About Economics"
  • Musab Abdulla, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority-Bahrain (via Webex)
  • Panel Moderator: Bruce Lincoln

11:00am Coffee break

11:15am Keynote presentation: Dr. Hamadoun Tourè, Secretary General, - ITU (via Webex)

  • Moderator: Eli Noam

11:45am LUNCH


1:00pm Keynote presentation: Larry Strickling, Assistant Secretary - NTIA 

  • Moderator: Robert Atkinson

1:30pm The Organizations for the Governance of Internet

  • Bertrand de la Chapelle, International Diplomatic Academy, Paris (via webex)
  • William Drake, University of Zurich: "Multistakeholderism vs. Multilateralism" (via webex)
  • Wolfgang Kleinwachter, University of Aarhus (via webex)
  • Moderator: Raul Katz


2:30pm Coffee Break


2:45pm The Internet Governance After Dubai

  • Lorenzo Pupillo, Executive Director Public and Regulatory Affairs, - Telecom Italia
  • Veni Markovski, ICANN Regional Vice President
  • John Curran, President, -American Registry for Internet Numbers "How to break the Internet without even trying"
  • Richard Hill, President, Association for Proper Internet Governance "The Internet Governance After Dubai" (via webex)
  • Moderator: Darcy Gerbarg

3:45pm New Emerging Issues

  • Chris Soghoian, American Civil Liberty Union 
  • Dennis Weller, Navigant Economics
  • Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania "Decentralization/Federation and its Discontents"
  • Moderator: Robert Atkinson


4:45pm Concluding Remarks


  • Eli Noam
  • Lorenzo Pupillo
  • Raul Katz


5:00pm Reception (Wine and Cheese)