State of Telecom 2013

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Can Broadband Networks Handle Cloud-Based Video Media? Technology, Business Models, Market Structure, and Policy

September 26, 2013

The emergence of “media clouds” raises numerous business and policy issues, and it is important to engage in analyses and discussion or risk finding ourselves unprepared for the changes that are likely.  CITI has therefore launched a multi-year, multi-discipline project on “Cloud TV” which follows CITI’s work on ultrabroadband (UBB), broadband infrastructure deployment and investment, and “over-the-top (OTT) video.”  The Cloud TV project will address the next generation of online video that is likely to become the center of media and of telecom distribution activity. 

Our annual “State of Telecom” conference will be a first public step in the Net TV project.  

Already, entertainment video accounts for almost 2/3 of evening internet traffic and is rapidly growing.  New “tech-media” firms are emerging as intermediaries. Technology and entrepreneurship are well on their way to transform media, but decision-makers in the traditional businesses and in government are falling behind. Many have not yet thought through all the implications for the media and infrastructure industries and for public policy. This year’s State of Telecom conference will provide needed information, analysis, and discussion.


8:30am Check-in and light Breakfast

9:00am Introduction

  • Eli Noam, Columbia University

9:15am Next-Generation Media and Infrastructure: A Tutorial

  • William Lehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Carey, Fordham University
  • Tuna Amobi, Director, S&P Capital IQ
  • Greg Harper, CEO, Harpervision Associates
  • Moderator: Bruce Lincoln

10:30am Coffee Break

10:45am The Impact of Cloud TV On Content Media

  • Jerry Denson, Vice President, Global Strategy, Verizon
  • Paul Mitchell, General Manager, Technology Policy, Microsoft
  • Robyn Polashuk, Entertainment attorney, Greenberg Traurig
  • Moderators Judith O’Neill and Darcy Gerbarg

12:00pm Lunch (Faculty House)

1:00pm Keynote Presentation (Faculty House)

  • Introduction: Eli Noam
  • Hamadoun TourĂ©, Secretary General, ITU
  • Moderator: Robert Atkinson

1:45pm Return to Uris Hall 301

2:00pm The Impact of Cloud TV on Infrastructure

  • Ivy Schultz, Columbia University
  • Howard Homonoff, President, Homonoff Media Group
  • Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco
  • Gary Lauder, Chairman of ActiveVideo Networks, and OnLive
  • Moderator: Raul Katz

3:15 pm  Coffee Break

3:30 pm What Are The Public Policy Issues That Must Be

Addressed to Make “Next Gen Video Media” Feasible?

  • Susan Crawford Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
  • Stephen Conroy, Senator, Australia, and Former Minister of Communications
  • Henning Schulzrinne, Chief Technology Officer, FCC (Webex)
  • Len Cali, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy, AT&T
  • Erik Bohlin, Professor, Chalmers University, Chair International Telecommunications Society
  • Moderator: Robert Atkinson

4:45pm Concluding Discussion

Moderator: Eli Noam, Columbia University

Opening Discussants:

  • Heather Hudson Professor of Public Policy University of Alaska Anchorage
  • James Alleman, Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado-Boulder

5:15pm Wine and Cheese Reception