2016 Events

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CITI Fellows Seminar: Min Hang

January 4, 2016

Min Hang, Tsinghua University.  “Media Platform Ownership and Competition in China.” 

CITI Fellows Seminar: Rick Whitt

February 1, 2016

Rick Whitt, Google. “Living on the Deep Edge: Public that Promotes the Human Values in Internet Architecture.” 

CITI Fellows Seminar: Michale Kende

March 7, 2016

Michael Kende, Internet Society. “Internet Development, Trends and Future Direction.”

CITI Fellows Seminar: Scott Marcus

April 4, 2016

Scott Marcus, WIK-Consult GmbH. “Direction of Internet Connection and Compensation Issues Arising in the EU and US.” 

Global Digital Futures Policy Forum 2016 Data Governance (Sponsor)

April 25, 2016

The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information was a sponsor of SIPA’s Digital Futures Policy Forum. A long-term intellectual initiative to reimagine our digital future, focus on the potential benefits and costs arising from global digital technology changes and, importantly, anticipate public policy solutions to emerging problems that will shape the future of society and the economy for generations to come. The 2016 forum considerd both domestic and international dimensions of data governance in the context of technological change and globalization.

CITI Fellows Seminar: Julie Brill

May 2, 2016

Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission, “Internet Privacy and Data Security.” 

5th Annual Digital Financal Services Conference: Emerging Payments & Blockchain

May 20, 2016

A gathering of world experts on:

  • Global retail payments trends 
  • The state of security and threats in mobile payments and payment systems
  • Fintech investing
  • Disruption to traditional bank models
  • Regulatory issues and initiatives in payments
  • Payments in transit and Internet of Things
  • Identity management and security
  • Big Data use and privacy implications
  • Mobile money and Digital Financial Services in the developing world
  • Global Philanthropic activities in payments and financial inclusion
  • Bitcoin, and Blockchain initiatives and disruption in the financial world

Speakers included:

  • Dr Leon Perlman, Director, Digital Financial Services Observatory, Columbia Business School
  • Sacha Polverini, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Howard Hall, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion USA
  • Thomas Lammer, Senior Specialist, Payments Systems Group, World Bank
  • Fredrik Voss, Vice President, Blockchain Innovation, NASDAQ
  • Gunnar Camner, Director, Mobile Money Services, GSM Association
  • Kwasi Donkor, Senior Policy Advisor, Digital Financial Services, USAID
  • Dalia Cohen, Group CFO, Cassava Connect
  • Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin
  • Chris Dooley, Lead, Global Financial Inclusion, World Economic Forum
  • Ann Camarillo, CEO, Boloro
  • Jason Oxman, CEO, US Electronic Transactions Association
  • Ann Sattin, Head of digital alternative payments & gift card marketing/acquisition, American Express
  • Sandeep Malhotra, Senior VP, Global Acceptance and Merchant Products, MasterCard
  • Peter Donat, SVP, Head of First Data Ventures
  • Brett King, CEO, Moven
  • Sunil Madhu, CEO, Socure
  • Ludwig Schulze, CEO, Mistral Mobile
  • Dov Marmor, Director of Business Development, Currency Cloud
  • Greg Simon, CEO, Loyyal
  • Matt Harris, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures
  • Prof Kevin Butler, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering, University Of Florida
  • Jay Kramer, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, NY
  • inny Lingham, CEO, Civil
  • Laura Zuckerwise, Attorney, US Federal Trade Commission
  • Prof Paul Lee, Lecturer in Law, Columbia University
  • Jo Lang, Director, R3CEV
  • Dan O'Prey, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Asset Holdings
  • Reggie Middleton, CEO, Veritaseum
  • Lawrence Orsini, CEO, LO3 Energy
  • Hwan Kim Project Manager, Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services, World Economic Forum

CITI Fellows Seminar: Kevin Werbach

June 6, 2016

Kevin Werbach, U. of Pennsylvania. “Is there a Block Chain in your Future?” 

E-Ed-Ec: The Economics of the Online Academic Sector and its Regulation

August 3, 2016

The focus of the conference was on the business and regulation of online non- profit and for-profit universities, and MOOCs, and the economic implications for traditional educational institutions. Speakers included noted experts from the worlds of academia, the private sector, and law.

Speakers included:

  • Milton Goldberg, former Chancellor, JIU
  • Joyce Scott, Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • Ryan Craig, Managing Director, University Ventures
  • Goldie Blumenstyk, Senior Writer, Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Henry Lucas, Chair, Decision, Operations and Information Technologies, University of Maryland
  • Eli Noam, Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia University
  • Kevin Werbach, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, University of Pennsylvania
  • Burck Smith, CEO, StraighterLine
  • Roberts T. Jones, President & Founder, Education Workforce Policy
  • Mike Goldstein, Co-Chair, Higher Education Practice Group, Cooley LLP
  • Dr. Peter Ewell, President, National Council of Higher Education Management Systems
  • Jo Groebel, Fmr. Professor and Chairman Department Media Psychology, Utrecht University
  • Peter Horrocks, Vice Chancellor, The Open University, UK

CITI Fellows Seminar: Elena Vartanova

October 3, 2016

Elena Vartanova, Lomonosov Moscow State U. “The Tension Between State Media Regulatory Policy and the Internet in Russia.”

State of Telecom 2016: Online Video as the Disruptor: Winners and Losers

October 7, 2016

Over the past 5 years, the use of online video entertainment has exploded.  In 2011 the average user spent 39 minutes per day watching online video. By 2015, that number had quadrupled to 1 hour 55 minutes a day.  Online video is quickly becoming the "killer app" of the Internet.  As online video becomes a central pillar of the Internet it disrupts traditional players and industries: content producers; distribution networks; aggregators; consumer electronics makers; cloud and data centers; advertisers and marketers; and investors. 

The conference analyzed how these industries are affected and what the consequences are.  It will feature academics, policymakers, and industry trailblazers.  Additionally, the conference heard Wall Street analysts predicting long-term winners and losers.

Speakers included:

  • Henning Schulzrinne, Federal Communications Commission
  • John Carey, Fordham University
  • Greg Harper, Harpervision
  • Bernarda Duarte, Roku
  • Brent Olson, AT&T
  • Heather Hudson, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Toshiya Jitsuzumi, Kyushu University
  • Rick Lane, 21st Century Fox
  • Scott McDonald, Nomos Research
  • Steve Rosenbaum, Waywire.com
  • Hal Vogel, Vogel Capital Management
  • Matthias Kurth, Cable Europe
  • G. Gooder, Kaltura
  • Debasis Mitra, Columbia University
  • Jonathan Chaplin, New Street Research
  • Robert Cohen, Economic Strategy Institute
  • Raul Katz, Columbia University
  • Craig Moffett, MoffettNathanson
  • Tuna Amobi, S&P

2016 IMMAA Annual Conference, Seoul, Korea

October 27-29, 2016

IMMAA Seoul 2016 was co-hosted by Korea University School of Media & Communication, Korea Media Management Association(KMMA), and Korea University Research Institute for Information & Culture (KU RIIC).

CITI Fellows Seminar: Kevin Martin & Blair Levin

November 7, 2016

Kevin Martin, Facebook, and Blair Levin, fmr. FCC/Brookings Institution. “FCC’s Agenda for the Next Administration.”

First Impressions for the New Administration and Congress: What's on the Telecom, Internet, and ICT Agenda?

November 10, 2016

What new initiatives might be on the agendas of Congress and the new Administration? The seminar was organized and moderated by Robert Atkinson. Public policy experts from all sides will discuss their hopes, expectations, and recommendations for national policy now that the elections are over.

CITI Fellows Seminar: Berin Szoka

December 5, 2016

Berin Szoka, President, TechFreedom. “Congress and the FCC Beyond Net Neutrality and Title II Regulation of Broadband.”