Blockchain’s Role in the Privacy and Security of Video Distribution and Usage

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Blockchain’s Role in the Privacy and Security of Video Distribution and Usage

Monday June 28th and Tuesday June 29th, 2021

10:00am EST-12:00pm

Video is an increasingly important part of the internet.  In 2020, it accounted for 58% of total downstream volume of global internet traffic.  As broadband speeds increase and as online video becomes more ubiquitous, this percentage will continue to grow and be a driver for further upgrade of the Internet.  During the Coronavirus pandemic, streaming video has become even more important, as people depend on it to get through lockdown boredom and to enable work from home and remote learning. 

One potentially important aspect of emerging video platform technology has rarely been discussed, namely Blockchain and its video applications. This two-day conference borught together thought leaders, researchers, and tech managers to do so.

The applications applied to video include:

  • Tracking the various intellectual rights involved in a production
  • Handling payments to content rights holders in an automated smart-contract fashion
  • Differential pricing for different user categories
  • Protections of user-generated content.
  • Tracking the provenance of content elements
  • Improved protection of data on a user’s media consumption behavior.
  • Use as payment systems for content, especially by users in other countries. 
  • Verification of authenticity of videos and stills, as part of dealing with deep fakes.
  • Potential viability of packet-based blockchain payments, allowing for video to be cut up into packetized pieces (as it would normally be transmitted) and monetized through a cryptocurrency of some sort. Different contributors to the transmission and processing chain could be compensated directly from an electronic wallet that is part of the transmission.
  • Protection of end-user viewers in politically sensitive countries, where the viewing of certain types of content is discouraged or even criminalized.
  • Protection of the anonymity of user-generated content in politically sensitive countries
  • Creation of direct producer relations to the end-users, thus potentially eliminating intermediaries and their cost.
  • Applications for individualization and for product placement and targeted sponsorship
  • Identification of advertising placements and their impact, and protection against click-fraud.

Monday June 28th 2021, 10-12 ET

Using Blockchain to Secure Future Video Distribution

  • Nabajeet Barman, Research Associate, Kingston University
  • Deepayan Bhowmik, Lecturer, University of Stirling
  • Jonathan Dotan, Program Coordinator, Stanford University

Insuring User Privacy Through Blockchain

  • Alex Pentland, Professor of Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Steve Bellovin, Percy K. and Vida L. W. Hudson Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University
  • Wee Jing Tee, Senior Lecturer, Taylor’s University

Tuesday June 29th 2021 10-12 ET

Future Payment Systems for Video Enabled by Blockchain

  • Christian Catalini, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Charlotte Kent, Assistant Professor of Visual Culture, Montclair State University

Balancing Policy Recommendations and New Regulation Needs for Enabling Adopting Blockchain for Video Distribution

  • Jeff Roberts, Executive Editor, Decrypt
  • Sean Stein Smith, Assistant Professor, CUNY Lehman College
  • Kevin Werbach, Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics, University of Pennsylvania