TCG White Papers

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Measuring Performance Parity: Equal Risk, Fair Results (March 1998) (6MB)

Minimizing Entanglement, Maximizing Competition:Accelerating Local Exchange Competition by Neutralizing Monopolists' Ability to Control Competitors' Costs and Capabilities (February 1998) (6MB)

Model Regulatory Procedures for the Enforcement of Interconnection Agreements (November 1997) (5MB)

Model Performance Parity Measures for Facilities-Based Competition (November 1997) (15MB)

The Performance Parity Principle (July 1997) (7MB)

Universal Service Assurance: Act Three of a Four Act Play(April 1997) (11MB)

Beyond Cost Models: Managing Interconnection Pricing to Achieve Sustainable Competition (February 1997) (10MB)

Arbitration: The Runs, the Hits, The Errors (November 1996) (2MB)

Arbitration: The Endgame (June 1996) (3MB)

The Number Crunch: A TCG Solution (May 1996) (4MB)

Performance Standards: Key To Interconnection (April 1996) (5MB)

Interconnection Compensation: The Critical Issue for Local Exchange Competition (October 1995) (9MB)

Effect of Resale on Facilities-Based Competition in the Local Exchange Competition (October 1995) (4MB)

States at the Forefront in Making Local Telecommunications Competition Legal (August 1995) (7MB)

The Economics of Interconnection (By Gerald Brock) (April 1995) (25MB)

Universal Service Assurance II: A Blueprint for Action(November 1994) (14MB)

CompLECS and Universal Service Assurance: How Competition Will Strengthen Universal Telephone Service(August 1994) (7MB)

Whither the CAPs? (June 1994) (6MB)

The Unlevel Playing Field: Asymmetric Market Power Demands Asymmetric Regulation (March 1994) (8MB)

Universal Service Assurance: A Concept for Fair Contribution and Equal Access to the Subsidies (December 1993) (10MB)

The "Pot Bay": Phase II, Ameritech Takes a Step in the Right Direction (November 1993) (3MB)

Telco Fiber Fiascos: Will Accelerated Infrastructure Programs Be the Next Nuclear Power Plant Debacles?(July 1993) (3MB)

The "Pot Bay": Several BOCs Attempt to Obstruct Interconnection...Again (June 1993) (3MB)