Where can I view all course descriptions and the schedule of offerings by semester?
Please visit the MBA course schedule in BOSS. On this site, course descriptions can be filtered by division or program, and by schedule.

What is an average course load? What are the basic graduation requirements?
Students must successfully complete the core, and a total of 60 credits (a minimum of 54 MBA classroom based credits) to graduate. Students are not required to take 15 credits per semester; there is some flexibility about course load in a given term, for more information please consult OSA.

What kinds of questions should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs?
Questions about graduation requirements, enrollment, student records, eligibility for federal aid or visa implications based on enrollment, information about cross registration and independent studies, pre-reqs and co-reqs, student schedules (including conflicts), support and accommodation for students with special needs should all be directed to osa@gsb.columbia.edu.

What is the auditing policy?
Providing a course has available capacity, a professor can determine that her/his course is open for auditors. Permission is granted through the faculty; access to Canvas is granted via the Teaching Assistants or Division Coordinators.

Can I receive academic credit for an internship?
In certain instances, professional work at an internship or other engagement may be appropriate for academic credit through the Independent Study; this should also be determined with the guidance of a faculty member.

Can I get into a full class with a professor's permission?
All enrollment is centralized through BOSS and the bidding system; questions can be directed to OSA.