Current Post-Docs

Kellen Mrkva 

Kellen Mrkva is a postdoc in Marketing at Columbia Business School, Center for Decision Sciences. His research examines how consumers prioritize their limited money, time, and attention. How do people determine which goals, values, and attributes to prioritize? His research uses big data, field experiments, and tools, ideas, and methods from multiple areas of marketing including digital marketing, quantitative marketing, consumer behavior, and judgment & decision making. His work has been featured in several academic journals including Psychological Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, JPSP, and JEPG.


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Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb 

Antonia is a decision scientist with a strong interest in computational models of cognition. She uses computational models to understand and predict phenomena such as cueing effects in decision making and sequential choices effects, for instance. Antonia also studies computation models and applied research practices in the cognitive and social sciences, in order to identify common pitfalls, and ultimately  improve the validity and reliability of published results.