Research Staff

Nathaniel Posner (Lab Manager)

Nathaniel (or Nate) graduated with a BA in psychology (minor in economics) from Vassar College in May 2019.  During his sophomore and junior years he conducted a study examining financial literacy and self-efficacy.  The summer after his junior year he worked in the Decision Neuroscience lab at Yale University, examining differences in risk and ambiguity preferences in monetary and food domains.  For his senior thesis he examined variation in personality, psychopathology, and loneliness of users of various subcommunities of the social networking and content-aggregation website Reddit.  He is interested in choice architecture, time and risk preferences across domains, and the interactions of nudges with individual differences.  He has worked at CDS since June 2019.   

Xiaoyun (Quinn) Qin (Research Assistant)

Xiaoyun (Quinn) is a second year MA student at Columbia University majored in Statistics. She holds a BA in Logic and Statistics from Sun Yat-sen University and a MS in Applied Statistics from Beijing Normal University. She previously worked for a healthcare company as a statistician and an internet company as a data engineer. For her undergraduate thesis, she did a similarity analysis of fixation sequences in eye-tracking studies and a college students career guide based on the analyzing of the factors that affect the residents’ income. Her master’s thesis studied the influence factors of energy efficiency in cross Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. She has been a research assistant at CDS since July 2019.

Dianne Waweru (Research Assistant) 

Dianne Waweru is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Earth & Environmental Engineering. In the summers following her freshman and sophomore year, she worked with a community organization in Indiana where she helped construct and monitor rain gardens and native tree nurseries, growing her interest in climate-resilient community development. Most recently, Dianne worked as an undergraduate researcher within the Urban Water Innovation Network where she assessed sources of variability in how cities monitor bioswales. She has been an administrative assistant at CDS since October 2018.

Erica Shah (Research Assistant) 

Erica Shah is a first year grad student in the Applied Analytics program at Columbia. She graduated with a BA in Economics and minor in Political Science from Ohio Wesleyan University. Prior to Columbia she worked in Corporate Finance (M&A) at Deloitte. She has previously worked under other Columbia Business School professors. She has been a Research Assistant at CDS since September 2019.

InĂ©s Ajimi (Research Assistant) 

Ines Ajimi is a second-year Economics M.A. student at Columbia University, who recently graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Economics and Politics. She is currently researching peer effects in consumption decisions for her Masters Thesis. Her previous research project, an Undergraduate Honors Thesis, focused on the effect of term-limits on U.S. governors' political business cycles. She has been a research assistant at CDS since October 2019.