The Cognition and Decision Seminar Series presents

The Strategic Brain under Risk in Games and Lotteries with FMRI

Rosemarie Nagel
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

While the neuroeconomics of individual decision making has been extensively studied, the neuroeconomics of strategic interaction remains relatively unexplored. I will begin by introducing three classic strategic situations, the Beauty Contest, Stag Hunt, and Entry games, to illustrate the general structure of simple strategic interaction situations, and some basic principles of game theory. The predictions of game theory in these situations are then contrasted with actual behavior, and a descriptive model of higher order reasoning is proposed that can account for observed behavior. We then discuss physiological measurements, obtained through fMRI and eye tracking, alongside behavioral observations, both in these games and in related individual decision problems (“games against nature”). We discuss similarities and differences across individuals playing against nature as opposed to playing against humans in the three mentioned games, and how both behavior and brain data can help to distinguish different types of players.

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Thursday, October 31
4:15 - 5:30 PM

Uris 140

The Cognition and Decision Seminar Series is sponsored by the Program for Economic Research and the Center for Decision Science

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