PAMLab studies the role of memory in human decision making, using the preferences-as-memory framework, which assumes that decisions (or valuation judgments) are made by retrieving relevant knowledge (attitudes, attributes, previous preferences, episodes, or events) from memory in order to determine the best (or a good) action. It is in the nature of human memory that such retrieval attempts do not always generate a single and precise answer. Because retrieval depends upon prior encoding, memory representation, memory query, situational context, and prior attempts at retrieval, the results may vary.

Research is conducted both in-person and in a Web-based lab. PAMLab will also use brain imaging as a tool for method to provide insights to the neural processes underlying memory and decision making.

Lab Members

Profs. Weber and Johnson, as well as Shannon Duncan are members of PAMLab. 

For meetings they are joined by:

Lisa Zaval

Hale Forster 

Sudy Majd 

Claudia Schneider 

Matthew Sisco 

Noah Castelo 

Jon M Jachimowicz

Byung Cheol Lee

Lab Meetings

PAMLab meetings take place throughout the year. Please  email the center at [email protected] if you are interested in attending.