Deming Forum

The Deming Forums are annual one-day workshops offered to the companies that collaborate with the Deming Center. It is an invite-only event dedicated to senior level managers and high potential employees.

Sergio Marchionne Forum 2019: Digital Transformation 

On May 7, 2019, the Deming Center hosted the annual forum, renamed in honor of FCA CEO and Deming Cup Judging Committee Co-Chair Sergio Marchionne. 

The agenda explored the fundamentals of what it means to digitally transform a company and how to use data as a source of innovation in industries as varied as manufacturing, retail and healthcare. Columbia faculty were joined by industry leaders for panel discussions and presentations. 

Find the full agenda and speaker bios here

Deming Forum 2018: Driving Excellence

On May 1, 2018, the Deming Center hosted the annual forum on Driving Excellence in Operations, Innovation & Leadership.

The event featured sessions by distinguished academics from Columbia Business School and industry experts at the forefront of their fields. The presentations and discussions encouraged participants to expand their thinking and engage with new innovations and ideas while reestablishing fundamental practices.

Find the full agenda and speaker bios here.

Deming Forum 2017: Disruptive Innovation

On May 2, 2017, the Deming Center hosted the annual forum on Disruptive Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities.

The forum featured presentations from distinguished academics and guest speakers at the forefront of disruption in their fields, as well as a panel discussion with previous Deming Cup winners, Ellen Kullman and Brent James, on the disruptive innovations they envisioned shaping their industries over the next decade.

Find the full agenda and speaker bios here.

Deming Forum 2016: Data Analytics

On May 3, 2016, the center organized a Deming Forum titled "Data Analytics: Driving Decisions and Leadership."

Find the agenda and speakers here: Agenda

The forum concluded with a conversation between Sam Palmisano, former chairman of IBM and Paul O’ Neill, 72nd secretary of the US Treasury around leadership. The session was moderated by Professor Nelson Fraiman, director of the Deming Center.