Doctoral Fellows 2020

"Optimal Pricing with a Single Point
Achraf Bahamou
Advisor: Omar Besbes 

"The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Emotion and Cognition in Entrepreneurial Ventures
Sophie Cho 
Advisor: Paul Ingram 

"Prediction-Driven Surge Planning with Application in the Emergency Department
Yue Hu
Advisor: Carri Chan, Jing Dong 

"The Value of Consumer Flexibility in Scheduled Service Systems
Xiao Lei
Advisor: Adam Elmachtoub 

"Listening in on Call Center Conversations: Analyzing the Dynamics and Consequences of Customer Service Interactions
Elliott Shin Oblander 
Advisor: Oded Netzer 

"How Does Unusual News Shape Financial Market?
Jimmy Qin 
Advisor: Paul Glasserman, Harry Mamaysky

"Foreign Currency and Firm’s Operating Decisions: The Role of Accounting-Based Performance Measures in Executive Compensation
Kunjue Wang 
Advisor: Shivaram Rajgopal

"Can AI and Humans Work Together? Evidence from Debt Collectors"
Daheng Wang 
Advisor: Wei Jiang