Doctoral Fellows 2019

"Optimal and Robust approaches to using Machine Learning models for Hospital Management"
Student: Julien Grand-Clement 
Advisor: Carri Chan, Vineet Goyal 

"A Data Analytics Approach to Real-time Management of Diabetes: Insulin Diffusion Solution for Type 1 Diabetic Patients" 
Student: Sharon Junwei Huang 
Advisor: Assaf Zeevi

"Do passive investments crowd out active investments and how are active investors coping?" 
Student: Yiran Kang
Advisor: Shivaram Rajgopal

"Why, when, and how variability in emotion expression enhances perceptions of authenticity and leadership" 
Student: Zaijia Liu 
Advisor: Michael Slepian

"Technological Proximity and Distance in the M&A Market"
Student: Danqing Mei 
Advisor: Wei Jiang 

"Unbundling and Information Production: the Impact of MiFID II" 
Students: Lira Mota and Yifeng Guo 
Advisor: Laura Veldkamp

"Improving the Expected Improvement Algorithm at Scale" 
Student: Chao Qin 
Advisor: Daniel Russo 

"Understanding intraday correlation with high-frequency data: Estimation and application" 
Student: Yiwen Shen 
Advisor: Paul Glasserman 

"Crowdsourcing to Uncover Media Bias and Diversity" 
Student: Yu Ding 
Advisor: Gita Johar