Doctoral Fellows 2021

Doctoral Fellows 2021-2022

"Contextual Inverse Optimization with Applications in Revealed Preferences

Yuri Resende Fonseca
Division: Decision, Risk and Operations 
Advisor: Omar Besbes, Ilan Lobel (NYU) 

"How personalized digital learning can make up for deficiencies in mentor networks
Brandon Freiberg 
Division: Management 
Advisor: Bruce Kogut 

"Municipal Financial Distress and Migration
Oliver Giesecke 
Division: Finance 
Advisor: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

"The Design and Adoption of Blockchain-Based Decentralized Exchanges
Ruizhe Jia 
Division: IEOR, Columbia Engineering 
Advisor: Agostino Capponi 

"The Unintended Consequence of Financial Sanctions
Ritt Keerati 
Division: Finance 
Advisor: Jesse Schreger 

"In the Era of Big Data: Consumer Privacy Protection and Firm Dynamics
Junjun Quan 
Division: Finance 
Advisor: Wei Jiang