Current Research

The W. Edwards Deming Center for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness supports applied research activities through doctoral research fellowships with the objective of producing new knowledge related to the field of operations management, and providing students with the opportunity to use company data to validate academic hypotheses, increasing their exposure to industry problems and enhancing the relevance of their research.

Research Director

  Costis Maglaras
Dean and David and Lyn Silfen Professor of Business

Costis Maglaras is a Professor at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University in the division of Decision, Risk & Operations. His research focuses on quantitative pricing and revenue management, the economics, design, and operations of service systems, and financial engineering. He is particularly interested in developing mathematical and computational models for the economic analysis of problems in operations. Professor Maglaras is the author of many research articles spanning the theory and application of stochastic modeling in queueing networks, service systems, quantitative pricing, and revenue management.

Costis received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London, in 1990, and his MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1991 and 1998, respectively. From 1991 to 1993 he served as a research scientist at Canon Research Center America. He joined Columbia Business School in 1998. During his sabbatical in 2007, he was involved in starting Mismi Inc., where he continues to serve as its Head of Research and be part of its management team.