Doctoral Fellows 2014

Projects selected:

  • “Optimizing Louis Vuitton’s Distributed Supply Chain”
    Student: Daniel Guetta, Decision, Risk & Operations
    Advisors: Awi Federgruen, Professor, Columbia Business School
  • “The Household Financial Accelerator Mechanism”
    Student: Arpit Gupta, Finance and Economics Division
    Advisors: Tomasz Piskorski, Associate Professor, Columbia Business School
  • “Revenue Maximization for Cloud Computing Services”
    Student: Cinar Kilcioglu, Decision, Risk & Operations
    Advisors: Costis Maglaras, Professor, Columbia Business School
  • “The Effectiveness of Point-Based Reward Programs and Targeted Marketing”
    Student: Jia LiuMarketing Division
    Advisor: Asim Ansari, Professor, Columbia Business School and Leonard Lee, Associate Professor, Columbia Business School
  • “Decision Architecture: Exploration of Patients-Physician Communication About Hospice Care”
    Student: Ilona FridmanManagement Division
    Advisors: Sheena Iyengar and Tory Higgins, Professors, Columbia Business School
  • “Investor Forecasting and Cognitive hierarchy: A Field Experiment”
    Student: Matt StephensonManagement Division
    Advisors: Stephan Meier, Associate Professor, Columbia Business School

Pictures from Doctoral Fellows Seminar, held on April 29, 2015, in which 2014 Doctoral Fellows presented their work:  

Fellow: Daniel Guetta


Fellow: Arpit Gupta

Fellow: Cinar Kilcioglu

Fellow: Jia Liu

Fellow: Ilona Fridman

Faculty: Medini Singh - Nelson Fraiman

Gabriel Weintraub