Doctoral Fellows 2015

Projects selected:

  • “What Motivates Consumers to Participate in the Sharing Economy?”
    Student: Chung Jaeyeon, Marketing
    Advisors:  Jaeyeon Chung
    Link to Video
  • “A Template Matching Approach to Comparing Hospital Quality in an Integrated Health Care System”
    Student: Wenqi Hu, DRO
    Advisors: Carri Chan and Jose Zubizarreta
    Link to Video
  • “A Salesperson vs. A Model of the Salesperson: A B2B Pricing Application”
    Student: Yael Karlinsky, Marketing
    Advisor: Oded Netzer
    Link to Video
  • “Dual Sourcing Strategy: Onshore and Offshore Procurement”
    Student: Lijian Lu (&Zhe Liu), DRO
    Advisors: Awi Federgruen
    Link to Video
  • “Promoting Gender Equality through Conversations about Gender: Gender-Blindness Amongst Male Executives”
    Student: Ashley Martin, Management
    Advisors: Kathy Philips
    Link to Video
  • “Firm-Level Pay Disparity: Opening Doors or Building Walls? ”
    Student: Ethan Rouen, Accounting
    Advisors: Trevor Harris
    Link to Video
  • “Outmaneuvering Governments in Emerging Markets”
    Student: Pablo Slutzky, Finance and Economics
    Advisors: Daniel Wolfenzon
    Link to Video
  • “Oil Futures Price, Inventory, and the Learning of Emerging Markets Growth
    Student: Li Ye, Finance and Economics
    Advisors: Michael Johannes
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Pictures from Doctoral Fellows Seminar, held on April 18, 2016, in which 2015 Doctoral Fellows presented their work:

Fellow: Chung Jaeyeon

Fellow: Wenqi Hu

Fellow: Yael Karlinsky

Fellow: Zhe Liu

Fellow: Ashley Martin

Fellow: Ethan Rouen

Fellow: Pablo Slutzky

 Fellow: Li  Ye