Doctoral Fellows 2016

Projects selected:

  • “Mixed Membership: Outcome-Oriented Segmentation”
    Student: Ryan Dew, Marketing
    Advisor:  Oded Netzer

  • “Falling Out of Passion: An Investigation of the Negative Consequences of the Pursuit of Passion”
    Student: Jon Jachimowicz, Management
    Advisor:  Adam Galinsky

  • “Accounting for Intangibles, Access to Finance and Firm Innovation”
    Student: Nani Li, Accounting
    Advisor:  Fabrizio Ferri

  • “The Impact of Platform Control Capabilities on the Performance of Rideshare Networks”
    Student: Zhe Liu, Decision, Risk, and Operations
    Advisor:  Costis Maglaras

  • “Do Multicultural Experiences Enhance Leadership Effectiveness?: Evidence from the English Premier League'”
    Student: Jackson Lu, Management
    Advisor:  Adam Galinsky

  • “Personal Relations in Loan Renegotiation: Evidence from Corporate Loans”
    Student: Melina Papoutsi, Finance and Economics
    Advisor:  Daniel Wolfenzon

  • “Online Demand Learning in Feature Based Assortment Planning”
    Student: Vashist Avadhanula, Decision, Risk, and Operations
    Advisors:  Shipra Agrawal, Vineet Goyal and Assaf Zeevi

  • “Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management for Rotable Spare Parts at Dassault Falcon”
    Student: Yunjie Sun, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
    Advisor:  Adam Elmachtoub