Doctoral Fellows 2017

Projects selected:

  • “Auctions in the Online Advertising Chain: Coordinated Versus Independent Campaigns”
    Student: Amine Allouah, Decision, Risk, and Operations
    Advisor:  Omar Besbes
  • “Consumption and Design of Music Albums and Personalized”
    Student: Khaled Boughanmi, Marketing
    Advisor:  Rajeev Kohli, Asim Ansari and Kamel Jedidi
  • “Mobile Trading, Financial Attention, and Financial Fragility”
    Student: Xiao Cen, Finance and Economics
    Advisor:  Wei Jiang
  • “Customer Preference and Station Network in the London Bike Share System”
    Student: Pu He, Decision, Risk, and Operations
    Advisor:  Fanyin Zheng
  • “Motivated to Break or to Build: Entrepreneurial Identities Predict Resource Acquisition & Retention”
    Student: Dana Kanze, Management
    Advisor:  Damon Phillips and Sheena Iyengar
  • “Storytelling in Social Exchange: The Impact of Accounts and the Role of Identity in Negotiations and Entrepreneurship”
    Student: Alice Lee, Management
    Advisor:  Daniel Ames and Adam Galinsky
  • “Evolution of Online reviews”
    Student: Fei Long, Decision, Risk, and Operations
    Advisors:  Kinshuk Jerath
  • “Ad Analytics at MediaMath: A Joint Framework for Market Segmentation and Bid Pricing”
    Student: Ryan McNellis, IEOR
    Advisor:  Adam Elmachtoub
  • “Optimization-based analysis of a game-theoretic model with applications to cybersecurity and adaptive machine learning”
    Student: Nouri Sakr, IEOR
    Advisors: Cliff Stein
  • “Accounting division: Passive Investors, Patient Capital”
    Student: Yuan Zou, Accounting
    Advisors: Fabrizio Ferri