Doctoral Fellows 2018

Projects selected:

  • “Creating Opportunity for High-Skill Digital Work in Developing Countries”
    Student: Natalie Carlson, Management
    Advisor:  Bruce Kogut
  • “Spatial Capacity Planning”
    Student: Francisco Castro, Decision Risk and Operations
    Advisor:  Omar Besbes
  • “Credit Disruptions and Product Market Strategy”
    Student: Poorya Kabir, Finance and Economics
    Advisor:  Xavier Giroud
  • “Recommendation with Linguistic Style Matching”
    Student: Alain Lemaire, Marketing
    Advisor:  Oded Netzer
  • “Security Analytics: Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection and Crowd Counting”
    Student: Min-hwan Oh, IEOR
    Advisor:  Garud Iyengar
  • “Near-Optimal Control of a Ride-Hailing Platform via Mirror Backpressure”
    Student: Pengyu Qian, Decision, Risk and Operations
    Advisor: Yash Kanoria
  • “Measuring the Impact of Stress Test Announcements on the Options Market”
    Student: Gowtham Tangirala, Risk, and Operations
    Advisors:  Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
  • “Risk Migration from Banking to Other Industries after Stringent Bank Regulation: Evidence from the Dodd-Frank Act”
    Student: Jing Wen, Accounting
    Advisor: Urooj Khan