The classes offered in the ECLA Program are taught by Columbia Business School's world-renowned faculty. To date, more than 40 professors have taught ECLA students. Here are some of the faculty memebers that contribute to the ECLA Program. 

Omar Besbes
Philip H. Geier Jr. Associate Professor of Business, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Besbes’ primary research interests are in the area of data-driven decision-making with a focus on applications in e-commerce, pricing, and revenue management, online advertising, operations management, and service systems. His research has been recognized by the 2012 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section prize as well as the 2013 M&SOM best paper award. He serves on the editorial boards of Management Science and Operations Research. He has taught the core MBA courses in Operations Management and Business Analytics, an MBA elective on advanced Business Analytics, as well as various Ph.D. seminars on stochastic models, revenue management and data-driven decision-making. He is a recipient of the Dean's award for teaching excellence in the core at Columbia Business School. In ECLA, Professor Besbes has served as an advisor to many firms and has taught Process Management and Business Analytics.

Robert Bontempo
Faculty of Executive Education

Professor Bontempo studies international comparative management, including international negotiations and cultural differences in decision making. His current research involves cultural factors in international negotiations and international differences in risk perception. The winner of the 1994 Singhvi Prize for Scholarship in the Classroom, Bontempo teaches the core course Leadership and the elective Managerial Negotiations. He is a consulting editor for the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Joel Brockner
Phillip Hettleman Professor of Business, Management

Within the broader field of organizational behavior, Professor Brockner is well known for his work in several areas, including the effects of organizational downsizing on the productivity and morale of the "survivors," the management of organizational change, organizational justice, self processes in organizations and managerial judgment and decision making. He teaches the MBA elective course Managerial Decision Making, the Ph.D. course Individual and Collective Behavior in Organizations, and he is an active consultant and speaker to companies worldwide. He teaches Leading Change in the ECLA Program.

Carri Chan
Sidney Taurel Associate Professor of Business, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Chan teaches the core MBA class, Operations Management. Her primary research interests are in data-driven modeling of complex stochastic systems, dynamic optimization, and queueing with applications in health-care operations management. Her current focus is on combining empirical approaches with mathematical modeling to develop evidence-based approaches to improving patient flow through hospitals, and particularly intensive care units. In ECLA, Professor Chan has taught Lean Operations.

Bill Duggan
Senior Lecturer in Business, Management

William Duggan is the author of four books on strategic intuition as the key to innovation: Napoleon's Glance: The Secret of Strategy (2002); The Art of What Works: How Success Really Happens (2003); Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement (2007); and Creative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation (2012). In 2007 the journal Strategy+Business named Strategic Intuition “Best Strategy Book of the Year." Professor Duggan is the author of three previous books as well, and has twenty years of experience as a strategy advisor and consultant. He has BA, MA and PhD degrees from Columbia University. Professor Duggan teaches strategic intuition in three venues at Columbia Business School. He has given talks and workshops on strategic intuition to thousands of executives from companies in countries around the world. He teaches Innovation in the ECLA Program.

Nelson Fraiman
Professor of Professional Practice, Decision, Risk and Operations; Faculty Director of the ECLA Program

Following a 17-year career at International Paper Company, Fraiman joined Columbia Business School in 1995 as a professor in the Decision, Risk, and Operations division. As the director of the Deming Center, he has steered the center’s programs to connect theory with practice in the area of operations. His research explores institutionalizing quality improvement, specializing in the retailing, consulting, and process industries. Fraiman is the faculty director of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Latin America (ECLA), a program designed for Latin American entrepreneurs who aim to be successful across borders. In addition, he has conducted executive education programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the US. He received all his degrees—BS in industrial engineering, MS, MBA, and PhD—from Columbia University.

Adam Galinsky
Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business; Chair of Management Division

Adam Galinsky is currently the Vikram S. Pandit Professor of Business at the Columbia Business School at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University and his B.A. from Harvard University. Professor Galinsky has published more than 150 scientific articles, chapters, and teaching cases in the fields of management and social psychology. In 2012, Professor Galinsky was selected as one of the World’s 50 Best B-School Professors by Poets and Quants. His research and teaching focus on leadership, power, negotiations, decision-making, diversity, and ethics. His research has received national and international recognition from the scientific community. He has taught Leadership in ECLA.

Bruce Greenwald
Robert Heilbrunn Professor of Finance and Asset Management, Accounting; Director of the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing

Described by The New York Times as “a guru to Wall Street’s gurus,” Greenwald is an authority on value investing with additional expertise in productivity and the economics of information. He has been recognized for his outstanding teaching abilities and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Columbia University Presidential Teaching Award, which honors the best of Columbia’s teachers for maintaining the University’s longstanding reputation for educational excellence. This is the third time he has taught classes in Strategy in the ECLA program. He gave the participants tips to control local markets first before thinking of global expansion.

Paul Ingram
Kravis Professor of Business, Management

Paul Ingram is Faculty Director of the Columbia Senior Executive Program. He has held visiting professorships at Tel Aviv University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Toronto. The courses he teaches on management and strategy benefit from his research on organizations in the United States, Canada, Israel, Scotland, China and Australia. Ingram’s current research examines the influence of inter-governmental organizations on foreign direct investment and democratization; the structure and efficacy of managers’ professional networks in China and the United States; and the effects of net-works and institutions on the evolution of the Glasgow shipbuilding industry. In the ECLA program he teaches classes on Strategy. Students say his classes were the type of classes that open your mind.

Jeremy Kagan
Adjunct Professor of Business, Marketing

Jeremy Kagan is the founder and CEO of Pricing Engine, a web service that empowers users to benchmark, optimize and expand their digital marketing campaigns. Using the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms and data sets, and expert recommendation system for customized, prioritized, and valued recommendations, advertisers can easily see what they’re doing well, and where they can improve. A simple to understand Advertising Report Card and Custom Recommendations list provides not only actionable suggestions for improvement and expansion, but estimates the value of the action in dollars. Jeremy Kagan has been a strategy consultant and corporate trainer in the digital media industry, where his clients include companies in content, services, and e-commerce, as well as traditional companies needing digital media expertise, and include both consumer facing and business to business projects. Corporate training assignments include clients from Omnicom, JWT, and other advertising agencies, as well as marketing teams from companies like Dupont and Institutional Investor. Company projects include developing strategic business plans, evaluating and revamping online marketing plans, creating and executing sales and business development frameworks, and performance measurement and benchmarking analysis. Kagan previously worked at Sony Music Entertainment in the Global Digital Business, where he was the Vice President of Global Account Management, working with large partners such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson. In ECLA, Professor Kagan teaches Digital Marketing.

Peter Kolesar
Special Lecturer, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Kolesar studies quality management and statistical quality control as well as applications of operations research and statistics, particularly in relation to the management of production and service systems. His recent research includes building models for the analysis and design of service systems with random cyclic customer demand patterns, accelerating the implementation and effectiveness of total quality management systems and optimizing credit-screening procedures. He was awarded the 1975 Lanchester Prize--the highest award in operations research--for work on the logistics of such emergency services as police and fire departments and for contributions to the design of the New York City Fire Department’s Computerized Control System. Kolesar was twice the examiner for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, and is an associate editor for Interfaces and the Quality Management Journal, and also a consultant to numerous firms and government agencies. Professor Kolesar leads the Problem Definition classes during Module I.

Murray Low
Faculty of Executive Education, Adjunct Professor, Management

Professor Low is an experienced entrepreneur and a leading authority on entrepreneurship in independent, corporate and not-for-profit settings. As the founder of the Columbia Entrepreneurship Program, he has worked to make entrepreneurship a viable career option for MBA graduates. As the Co-Director of IE@Columbia, he has worked with faculty, students and staff across the University to spread innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also lead initiatives to improve business education in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Low consults to both small and large companies, family businesses and not-for-profits. He teaches executive seminars in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation and makes frequent presentations to academic and industry groups. He has published widely in academic and practitioner journals and is a regular commentator in the media. He is an active advisor, board member and angel investor. In ECLA, Professor Low leads the Framework for Growth in Module IV.

Costis Maglaras
Dean and David and Lyn Silfen Professor of Business, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Maglaras’ research focuses on quantitative pricing and revenue management, the economics, design, and operations of service systems, and financial engineering. Professor Maglaras is the author of many research articles spanning the theory and application of stochastic modeling in queueing networks, service systems, quantitative pricing, and revenue management. His recent work focuses on the application of quantitative modeling in the pricing, risk management and valuation of multi-unit real estate portfolios, and in the design of portfolio trading systems and portfolio trading algorithms. He is the author of one patent (pending approval). His research has been recognized by the 1999 INFORMS Nicholson Prize for the best student paper in Operations Research and Management Science, the 2008 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section best research paper award, and his students have won several best paper awards for their doctoral research. He has also received the Dean’s award at Columbia Business School for teaching excellence for the core course Managerial Statistics. He is a frequent speaker in academic and industry forums. He teaches Pricing in ECLA.

Alonso Martinez
Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Professor Martinez is a Senior Lecturer at Columbia Business School. He combines teaching and research with extensive global experience doing strategy consulting, with particular expertise in emerging markets. He gives the Catching Growth Waves in Emerging Markets course in both the MBA and EMBA programs and the Defining and Developing wining Strategic Capabilities course to the MBAs. He has also given the EMBA immersion course on Opportunities in India and led the Global Immersion Program to Brazil for several years. From 2008 to 2012 he directed a project at the Wharton School’s Lauder Institute on “Consumption Patterns in Emerging Markets: Catching Growth Waves and Anticipating Transitions”, including field research with a team of students across major countries. He has developed some unique insights into how business opportunities evolve in emerging markets and the capabilities required to capture them, which he leverages in his classes. Professor Martinez is a former Senior Vice President at Booz, Allen & Hamilton, having joined in Brazil in 1982 and subsequently opened and/or managed the firm’s offices in every major Latin American country. He moved to the United States in the year 2000 with global responsibility for major client relationships. Mr. Martinez has worked with many of the world's largest multinationals and leading local groups in the consumer products, media, steel and construction materials industries. His focus has been growth related strategies in emerging markets, including international expansion, mergers and acquisitions and go to market strategies. In ECLA, Professor Martinez teaches Strategy.

Malia Mason
Associate Professor, Management

Malia Mason studies negotiations and social judgment and decision making in one line of work. In a second, she studies how people regulate their attention and the implications for work performance. She has published her research findings in the top journals in general science (Science), psychology (Psychological Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General), and management outlets (OBHDP, Harvard Business Review). She has received several prestigious career awards for notable contributions as a scholar, including the American Psychological Society’s “Rising Star” Early Career Award (2011), the Rotman School of Management’s Dean’s Award for Emerging Leaders (2014), and Poet and Quant's World's Best 40 Under 40 Business School Professors (2015). Numerous media outlets have featured her research, including: WSJ, CNN, CBS, Forbes, Reddit, NPR, AAAS Science, and the Atlantic. In 2015, she was awarded the Dean's Prize for Teaching Excellence in an MBA elective course. In ECLA, Professor Mason teaches Negotiations.

Oded Netzer
Associate Professor of Business, Marketing

Professor Netzer's research centers on one of the major business challenges of the data-rich environment of the 21st century: developing quantitative methods that leverage data to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and guide firms' decisions. He focuses primarily on building statistical and econometric models to measure consumer preferences and understand how customer choices change over time, and across contexts. His research has won multiple awards and has been published in the leading scholarly journals. He serves on the editorial board of several leading journals including: Marketing Science, Management Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economic, and International Journal of Research in Marketing. Oded teaches the core marketing course to MBA and undergraduate students, a course in Marketing Research to MBA and Executive MBA students, a doctoral course on empirical research in marketing, as well as several executive education programs. In ECLA, Professor Netzer has taught Decision Making.

Medini Singh
Senior Lecturer in Discipline in Business, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Singh comes to Columbia from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. At Tuck, Singh taught the MBA core course in operations management. He has also taught MBA electives on time-based competition and simulation modeling. Singh has also taught in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he won the 1991 Teacher of the Year Award. His research interests are in the areas of modeling, analysis and optimization of manufacturing and service systems. Professor Singh has participated in many ways in the ECLA program. He helped with the design of the program, and taught several sessions, always getting the highest evaluations. He was also an advisor for the process improvement project for five companies.

Marco Viola
Adjunct Professor of Business, Marketing

Marco Viola is a Managing Partner and founder of Nexus Partners, a US investor, general partner and manager of a portfolio of companies with over 5000 employees and company value in excess of $500MM. Current portfolio companies include investments in retailing, health care services, education, telecommunications, water treatment, food service, media and industrial laundry. Prior, Marco was Managing Director of Bank of America heading the principal investment unit for Latin America (Banc of America Equity Partners - Latin America). Mr. Viola performed the sourcing, screening, valuation, investment decision and management of portfolio companies in Latin America. Since 1995, Marco managed and exited over 30 transactions and made equity investments of nearly $1B in Latin America and the US. Prior, he was a Principal at Booz-Allen & Hamilton's Financial Services Group where he was active in a variety of valuation, joint venture, merger, and turnaround projects for his clients, including assignments in the financial services, manufacturing, engineering, and pharmaceutical sectors. Before joining Booz-Allen, Mr. Viola worked in budgeting and planning for Banco Roberts (acquired by HSBC) in Argentina and as an internal consultant for Aeroterra S.A., a satellite technology and image processing company. In ECLA, he teaches classes on growth.

Daniel Wolfenzon
Stefan H. Robock Professor of Finance and Economics, Finance

Professor Wolfenzon’s research interests are in corporate finance and organizational economics. He has studied control sharing in small firms, the effects of investor protection on ownership concentration, and the structure of business groups around the world. His most recent research focuses on family firms. He has examined the consequences of family succession on firm performance and also the importance of managerial talent in family. He received a Masters and a PhD in Economics from Harvard University and holds a BS in Economics and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Professor Wolfenzon previously taught at the University of Michigan, the University of Chicago and NYU. He is also a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Firms. In ECLA he has taught Capital Budgeting.

Assaf Zeevi
Kravis Professor of Business, Decision, Risk and Operations

Professor Zeevi’s research is broadly focused on the formulation and analysis of mathematical models of complex systems. He is particularly interested in the areas of stochastic modeling and statistics, and their synergistic application to problems arising in service operations, revenue management, and financial services. He is a recipient of a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (2005), an IBM Faculty Award (2008), a Google Research Award (2009), the INFORMS Revenue Management Society Best Pub-lication Award (2008), and the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence at Columbia Business School (2004). Professor Zeevi consults with various companies in the areas of high technology, financial services, and revenue management. In ECLA he has taught classes on Data Analysis.

Amir Ziv
Professor of Professional Practice, Accounting

Amir Ziv was on the faculty of Yale School of Organization and Management, on the faculty of Columbia Business School and on the faculty of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya before rejoining Columbia Business School as a Vice Dean and a Professor of Accounting. He teaches Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting in MBA, Executive MBA, various Executive Education programs, and in Doctoral programs. He taught in Executive Development programs for, among others, Goldman Sachs, Paine Webber, Philip Morris, and Lafarge. His research deals with the effects of accounting regimes and alternatives on economic environments, and is important to the understanding of accounting institutions and phenomena. He teaches Financial Accounting in the ECLA program.