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Corporate Transactions and Financial Modeling (Block)- Heinrichs 20151

Corporate Transactions and Financial Modeling (Full-Term)- Heinrichs 20151

Earnings Quality and Fundamental Analysis - Nissim 20153 (Fri-Sat)

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation- Amir 20153 (Fri-Sat and Sat Only)

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation- Katz 20153 (Block)

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation- Yeo 20133

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation- Radhakrishna 20152

Fundamental Analysis- Nissim 20153

Fundamental Analysis for Investors, Managers and Entrepreneurs - Rajgopal 20161

Fundamental Analysis for Investors, Managers and Entrepreneurs- Harris 20151

Immersion Seminar: The Financial Services Industry- Harris 20152


International Seminar South Africa- Weiss 20141

Business Law

Business Law- Hitscherich 20143 (Block)

Decision, Risk, and Operations

Operations Strategy (1.5 cr)- Singh 20152 (Fulltime MBA B Term)

Advanced Business Analytics- Gallego 20153 (Fri-Sat)

Applied Regression Analysis 20142

Applied Regression Analysis- Juran 20143 (Sat Only)

The US Healthcare System- Green 20133

Security Pricing Models and Computation 20101

Service Operations Management 20133

Supply Chain Management- Singh 20141

Technology and Operations Strategy- Block In Argentina- 20133

Technology and Operations Strategy- Fraiman, Singh- Block in NYC 20152

Supply Chain Management- 20131

Technology and Operations Strategy - 20132 (Sat format)

Web App Programming in Python- Johar 20152

Finance and Economics

Advanced International Corporate Finance- Hodrick 20152

Financial Markets, Central Banking, and the Economy- Mishkin 20153 (Block)

Private Equity Growth Equity & LBOs- 20121

Real Estate and Finance 20132 - Adkinson and Mayer

Real Estate Finance- Mayer 20142

Quantitative Corporate Finance 20142

Globalization & Markets & The Changing Economic Landscape 20142

Mergers and Acquisitions 20141 (Fri-Sat)- Hitscherich

Mergers and Acquisitions- Hitscherich (Block) 20142

Equity Markets & Products 20112

Behavioral Finance- 20113

Hedge Funds 20131

Banking and the Credit Markets- Giles (Fri-Sat) 20152

Banking and the Credit Markets- Giles (Sat Only) 20152

Impact Investing (1.5 cr)- Walker 20143 (Evening)

Advanced Corporate Finance 20133

Speculation, Crises, and Behavioral Finance 20151- Huberman

Economics of Health Care & Pharmaceuticals- Lichtenberg (Fri-Sat) 20143

Economics of Health Care & Pharmaceuticals - 20142 (Global elective format)

Economics of Strategic Behavior- Dessein 20143 (Sat Only)

Economics Of Strategic Behavior- Greenwald 20151

Debt Markets 20131

Entrepreneurial Finance- Hubbard, Sorensen, Keehner 20151

Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity 20151- Wang

Investment and Wealth Management 20093

Doing Business in Emerging Markets (formerly International Business)- Khandelwal 20141

The Private Sector & International Development- Hjort 20151

Applied Value Investing- Ajdler 20151

Applied Value Investing- Tryforos 20141

Capital Markets and Investments- Johannes 20141

Capital Markets and Investments- Zurack (Evening) 20151

Capital Markets and Investments- Zurack (Fri-Sat) 20142

Security Analysis 20083

Private Equity the Asset Class, Its Investments & Its Markets 20083

Global Economic Environment- Giannoni and Croushore 20131

Global Economic Environment- Tambalotti and Rothschild 20132

Strategic Issues Facing Investment Banks- Mandis 20153

The Credit Markets And Leveraged Buy-Outs 20123

Corporate Finance, Restructurings & LBOs 20161- Grad

Seminar in Value Investing 20142- Johnson (Global elective format)

Seminar in Value Investing- Johnson 20153 (Fri-Sat and Sat Only)

Asset Management- Bekaert 20153

Asset Management - 20141 (Global elective format)

The European Financial Crisis- Mandis 20151

The European Financial Crisis (Speaker Schedule)- Mandis 20151

Value Investing- Santos 20151 (Block)

Capital Markets and Investments- Cherkes 20112

The Psychology and Economics of Consumer Finance- Johnson, Zeldes 20141

Management in the Media and Information Industries- Noam 20151

Modern Value- Santos, Mueller 20162


Entrepreneurial Game- Varsavsky 20152

Family Business Management- Preston 20152 (full syllabus available soon!)

Introduction to Venturing- Low 20151

Introduction to Venturing- Kaplan 20132

Entrepreneurial Management 20131

Personal Leadership and Success- Wadhwa 20153 (Block)

Modern Political Economy (Hong Kong)- 20122

Corporate Growth & Development- Harrigan 20172

Turnaround Management- Resnikoff Block 20132

Turnaround Management - Harrigan (Fri-Sat) 20173

Power and Influence in Organizations- Abrahamson 20141

Napoleon's Glance- Duggan 20152

Organizational Culture Demystified- Meola (Fri-Sat) 20152

Organizational Culture Demystified- Meola (Sat Only) 20152

Strategic Intuition Consulting Lab (Master Class)- Duggan, Favaro, DOnofrio 20141

Executive Leadership- Klepper and Bontempo 20143 (Block) 

Global Entrepreneurship- Isenberg 20153 (Block)

Managerial Negotiations- Weber 20151

Managerial Negotiations-Chen 20131

Starting and Running an Entrepreneurial Company- Weiss 20153 (Fri-Sat)

Managerial Decision Making- Brockner 20153

Top Management Process- Feely 20152 (Fri-Sat)

Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century (1.5 cr) - Levenson Keohane 20153 (Evening)

Lean LaunchPad- Dorf 20133

Thinking Globally 20101

Advanced Entrepreneurship- 20121

Entrepreneurship in Large Enterprise 20121

Seminar in Managerial Negotiations 20141 - Mason (Sat Only format)

Launching New Ventures - 20142 (Fri/Sat)

Launching New Ventures - 20142 (Sat Only)

Launching New Ventures- Davis 20141

Managerial Negotiations 20142 - Sasaki

Managerial Negotiations - 20142 - Mason (Global elective format)

Seminar in Managerial Negotiations - Mason 20143 (Fri-Sat)

Leading Others from the Inside Out- Wadhwa 20141

Leadership Through Fiction- Craven 20141

The Leader's Voice- Lee 20143

The Leader's Voice- Golde 20161

Managerial Negotiations- Freeman 20143 (Fulltime MBA)

The Founder's Dilemma- Wasserman 20162

Think Bigger- Hatkoff, Iyengar 20162


Developing QI: Responsive Decision Making through Qualitative Intuition (QI) - Netzer 20162

Qualitative Marketing Research and Strategic Planning- Morais 20153 (Sat Only)

Sales Management - Krawitz 20161

Entrepreneurial Selling - Krawitz 20161

Media Platforms and Content- Sarvary 20152

New Product Marketing- Greenwald, Michelle 20151

Systematic Creativity in Business- Goldenberg 20142

Catching Growth Waves in Emerging Markets- Kohli and Martinez 20153 (Fri-Sat)

Catching Growth Waves in Emerging Markets- Kohli and Martinez 20141 (Evening)

Digital Marketing - Strategy and Tactics 20132

Managing Strategic Customers- Capon 20143 (Fri-Sat)

Marketing Plans Workshop- Greenwald 20123

Strategic Consumer Insights 20131

Health Care Marketing - From Start-up to Multinationals 20132

Marketing Plans Workshop- Sexton (Fri-Sat) 20142

Marketing Plans Workshop- Sexton (Sat Only) 20142

Customer Centric Innovation 20131

Customer Centric Innovation - 20133 (Global elective format)

Advanced Marketing Strategies 20111

Managing Brands, Identity and Experiences- Block 20103

Marketing Research- 20111

Pricing Strategies- 20121

Developing and Executing the Market Strategy (formerly Strategic Marketing in the Modern Corporation)- Capon 20151

Strategy Consulting Skills 20082

Behavioral Economics & Decision Making- Johnson 20123

Behavioral Economics & Decision Making- Schoenberg 20121

Marketing for Organic Revenue Growth- Lehmann 20161

Strategic Consumer Insights- Pham Draft 20141

Generating Marketing Insights with Social Science - Morais 20163