Course Load

The standard course load is 4 courses, or 12 credits, per term (3 courses, or 9 credits, per term for EMBA-NY Saturday). Good academic standing is required for any increased course load. Students on academic probation will not be permitted to register for an increased course load.

Potential issues students should be aware of:

  • Financial aid implications for taking below six credits in a term
  • Taking less than 12 credits results in half-time enrollment status
  • Student visa implications due to course load    
  • Tuition invoices are determined on a per credit basis
  • Students who exceed 5 terms (6 terms for EMBA-NY Saturday) will pay the current tuition rate for that specific term.
  • EMBA-NY students may take up to three additional business school electives --up to nine additional credits total--without incurring additional tuition fees if they are taken within 5 terms (6 for EMBA-NY Saturday students).

Pace of Completion:

Students must complete at least 67% of credit hours attempted each semester to remain compliant with SAP (Student Academic Progress) Policy. Credit hour progression will be based on a cumulative total of attempted hours to earned hours. For example, a student who attempts 12 credits in a term must successfully complete at least 9 credits to meet the 67% requirement. However, credits that are not completed will count towards maximum units attempted towards the degree objective. If a student taking 12 credits in a term fails or withdraws from more than two courses, they only have completed 50% of attempted credit hours and will not be compliant with the SAP policy.