Grading System

Columbia Business School’s academic standards ensure the integrity, consistency, and long-term value of the MBA experience while providing a framework for students to acquire the knowledge and the social intelligence to become sophisticated, ethical leaders.

Core Grade Distribution

H: 25–30%

HP: 55–65%

P1, LP, F: 10–15%

+/- may be used in core grades with the following restrictions: there is no H+ in the core and the number of pluses must be equal to or less than the number of minuses.

Recommended Elective Grade Distribution

H+, H, H-: ≤50%

P1, LP, F: ≥5%

+/- may be used with elective grades without restrictions.

Starting Fall 2012, the grade of H+ is permitted in electives but strictly limited to 2% of the class enrollment, rounded up to the nearest integer.


H+: 11

H: 10

H-: 9

HP+: 8

HP: 7

HP-: 6

P1+: 5

P1: 4

P1-: 3

LP: 1

F: 0