Dean's List

Students who achieve a 9.0 weighted GPA in their first or second terms are included on the Dean's List. In subsequent terms, students must achieve a 9.25 weighted semester GPA to be included.

Students can find their GPAs on SSOL. Dean's List will only be calculated for students who have completed all their courses in a given semester. While grades for courses taken outside the Business School apply, only full-time students taking 12 or more credits (9 or more for EMBA-NY Saturday students) qualify.

Dean's List is noted on the student's transcript and can be seen on SSOL.

Dean's Graduation Honors

Columbia Business School recognizes the top 25 percent of students in each class (based on cumulative GPA), with Dean's Honors. The top 5 percent receive Dean's Honors and Distinction.

If you take courses over the required 60 credits or outside of the Business School, these courses are included in your cumulative GPA and eligibility for these awards. Students must complete the program within 5 consecutive terms (6 for EMBA-NY Saturday students) to qualify for Dean's Graduation Honors.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to a graduating student from each cluster, selected by his or her classmates as deserving special recognition for contributions to the spirit and achievement of the class.

Nahum Melumad Memorial Prize

The Nahum Melumad Memorial Prize is the highest honor given to the member of the graduating class on the basis of outstanding scholarship and a significant impact on the Columbia community.