Student Governance

EMBA Student Representatives

EMBA representatives serve as the EMBA student governing body. They work in their various roles to build community within EMBA and throughout the Business School. Representatives monitor and raise awareness to class-wide issues, and work closely with the EMBA administration to address topics that are important to their cohort. All representatives attend formal meetings with the administration each term, and also engage with the administration informally on an ongoing basis.

Academic Representative

  • Promotes reasonable academic expectations within the class
  • Gathers feedback on and communicates class-wide academic feedback to the faculty and administration
  • May act as a point of contact for professors in communicating with the class
  • Helps to clarify and remind the class about major deliverables during the core
  • Participates in meetings each term with the EMBA administration

This person should have an awareness, concern, and genuine interest for the academic experience within the cluster.

Cluster Representative

  • Plans student-led events and gathers feedback from the class to promote social networking
  • Facilitates class member involvement in class and school social functions
  • Gathers feedback and communicates class-wide issues and concerns to the administration
  • Participates in meetings each term with the EMBA administration

This person should be a good motivator skilled at organizing people for cluster-specific activities and events. In addition, this person cares about building community within and among clusters and is willing to put forth the extra time and effort (outside of class) to plan and run various events.

Community Representative/Standing Committee for Discipline

  • Promotes expectations for integrity and respect within the class
  • Provides class-wide feedback to the EMBA administration
  • Facilitates community within the cluster through CBS Matters events
  • May be required to sit on the Standing Committee for Discipline in the event that there is a formal disciplinary issue in the Business School

Career Representative

  • Communicates cluster-wide feedback regarding Career Management resources/programs to EMBA Career Management team
  • Collaborates with EMBA Career Management to collect career related information from the cluster and to make suggestions regarding career resources
  • Encourages EMBA student engagement with CBS professional clubs
  • Participates in meetings each term with the EMBA administration

This person should feel comfortable helping the career efforts of others in the class.