Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I contact if I have questions about OrgSync and 25Live?

Please email or get in touch with your usual CBS ITG Support team.

How can I find and RSVP to events?

The OrgSync homepage shows the next five upcoming events that clubs and departments have chosen to advertise to the CBS community. To see a calendar of all such events, click on the "Events" link on the white menu bar below the school's name. To see a list of events for a specific club, go to the club's OrgSync portal and click on the "Events" link. Some of the club's events may not be visible to you depending on whether you are a member and how widely the club has chosen to share the event.

Video: How to find events and RSVP

I need to create a "draft" event in order to reserve a room, but I do not want anyone to see or RSVP to the event before the details are finalized. How can I do this?

You can enter your events as "drafts" by setting the visibility of the event to the lowest level "Selected Groups" and only selecting Administrators. This will allow your event to gain Dean's Office approval and reserve a room without showing your potential event to anyone outside of that Administrators group. Once the details are finalized, edit your event details, change the visibility setting to the desired level and submit for re-approval. The video below provides more guidance.

Video: How to create Draft Events with Room Approvals

Can I book multiple rooms while creating a single event?

Yes, once you select your first room and it appears in the location field, click "Reserve Another Space" to find another available room.

I created an event, but I don't see it on my Organization's home page, what happened?

All events must be approved by the Dean's Office. Approval can take up to 72 hours.

How can see what rooms are available on a given day? In OrgSync I have to specify a time as well, but the time will depend on what's available when.

Use 25Live. See our 25Live help page for further details.

Is there any way to see the room location from the full list of events?

Not at this time. Please up-vote this feature request to make this happen.