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April 26, 2013

The Real Deal: Denise Adusei '10 and Kesha Cash '10

The Real Deal: Denise Adusei '10 and Kesha Cash '10

When Kesha Cash ’10 met Denise Adusei ’10, their conversations solved a problem for Adusei and opened an opportunity for Cash.

Midway through her first year at Columbia Business School, Denise Adusei stumbled upon an unanticipated challenge: access to safe and reliable daycare. Although Adusei had added her name to several daycare waiting lists months before her daughter was born, she was still out of luck: there were roughly 5,000 spots for the 25,000 children under five in Harlem, where she lived. Worse still, Adusei learned, Harlem children suffered from one of the highest rates of childhood environmental- related diseases in the country.

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