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Your time at Columbia Business School does not start on the first day of a program or finish on the last: it continues throughout your career. With your commitment to lifelong learning, Columbia Business School Executive Education can provide you with relevant and timely resources on demand.

Below you will find countless resources — from complimentary webinar recordings and books to articles and interviews — in which Columbia Business School faculty members share their latest research, ideas, and concepts affecting today's business environment available to you right now.

Articles and Interviews

Columbia Business School faculty are leaders in their fields and industry experts. They share their thought leadership with executives around the world through various interviews and citations in news outlets.

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Why Your Next Corporate Rival Isn't on Your Radar
Ottowa Business Journal – 03/26/2014
Prof. Rita McGrath’s book, The End of Competitive Advantage: How to Keep Your Strategy Moving as Fast as Your Business

Is Facebook Just a Big Venture Capitalist?
Marketplace Radio (Audio) – 03/26/2014
David Rogers

A New Golf Statistic Goes for a Test Drive
The Wall Street Journal – 03/21/2014
Prof. Mark Broadie’s development of the Strokes-Gained Putting metric

How Many Media Economists Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?
Forbes – 03/20/2014
Bylined article by Prof. Ava Seave; highlights the New York City Media Seminar Series,
sponsored by the Media Program and organized by Prof. Miklos Sarvary

Could Digital Tipping Make You More Generous?
CBS News (Video) – 03/19/2014 Prof. Stephan Meier

When It Comes to Twitter Followers, Focus on Quality, Not Quantity
Fox Business – 03/17/2014
Prof. Olivier Toubia

The Secret to Stable Long-Term Corporate Growth
The Wall Street Journal – 03/13/2014
Bylined article by Prof. Rita McGrath

'Made in China' Climbs Global Value Chain
Xinhua – 03/12/2014
Prof. Shang-Jin Wei’s research

Ad Campaigns Are Finally Reflecting Diversity of U.S.
Ad Age – 03/10/2014
David Rogers, executive director, BRITE

Spoiled for Choice? Less Is Much More
CNBC – 03/10/2014
Prof. Sheena Iyengar’s book, The Art of Choosing

There’s a Case against Diversity in the Workplace–but the Alternative Is Even Scarier
Quartz – 03/07/2014
Prof. Katherine Phillips’ research

For Coke, Challenge Is Staying Relevant
The New York Times – February 28, 2014
Prof. Bruce Greenwald cites incredible distribution and consumer loyalty as Coca Cola’s
main advantages in a diverse and challenging new beverage market.



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