What Our Virtual Participants Are Saying

“The fact that I truly wished there to be homework assignments because of how engaging the lectures and course material were speaks for itself!”

“The live online format really works!”

“I've been a C-Level member for several years and this is the kind of continuous learning I've always sought to upgrade my personal and professional capabilities. What was totally unique was the schedule and tuition value that made the whole experience worthwhile. I highly recommend Columbia Exec Ed for continuous education or simply to broaden your horizon.”

“I enjoyed every minute of the experience.
I immediately started applying what I learnt and it worked!”

“Excellent learning experience with the best professors! Live online worked perfectly with small group breakouts and the virtual classroom.”

“Expect a mind-blowing climate of trust and intelligence around you.
So many great people in the program.”

“We all have very busy jobs, yet I found it very easy to tune everything else out during the lectures and remain fully immersed, even though due to COVID we all were attending virtually. It's a great testimony to both the quality and preparation of the instructors that, despite this being their first time holding the entire course fully online, went so smoothly and was packed full of valuable and thought-provoking material.”

“This past year had drained me on every level. I needed to clear my head and find the confident, adventurous spirit that got lost under the masks and gowns of the pandemic. I needed to get my eyes off the ground and my view back to 30,000 feet. And that is what happened at Columbia Business School Executive Education. My fellow students were as inspiring as the instructors. If you have ever studied here, you know what I mean. With each program I have taken at Columbia I left renewed and recharged. If we are going to lead from the front, we need to be able to see clearly.”

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