Live Online vs Online Programs

Compare our two formats for distance learning below.



Live Online



Format   Synchronous
(Live, real-time sessions taught by Columbia Business School faculty)
(Recorded sessions developed by Columbia Business School faculty)*
Length & Schedule   2 days to 4 weeks
(Learn during fixed session dates and times)
  3 weeks to 18 weeks
(Learn in weekly modules on your own schedule)
Learning Experience   Interaction-centered approach
(Includes interactive exercises, live discussions, group activities, and more)
  Learner-centered approach
(Includes self-reflection journals, weekly projects, optional office hours, unlimited viewing, transcripts, and more)
Networking Opportunities   Live Networking
(Breakout groups, virtual happy hours, and more)
  Virtual Networking
(Discussion boards, optional live discussion forums, and more)
Your Virtual Learning Platform   Zoom
(Live streaming service with video, chat, Q&A, breakout rooms, and more)
(Dedicated course site with discussion boards, program materials, assignments, and more)**
This format is for you if …   … you are looking for high interactivity with faculty and peers.   … you need the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
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* Some online programs like Launch Your Startup and M&A @ Columbia Business School use hybrid formats that include live session components
** Some of our partners' online programs use a different Learning Management System comparable to Canvas