Jennifer Prince

Jennifer Prince

Enrollment Director, Harlem Academy at New York Times Nonprofit Excellence Awards Finalist

"The Developing Leaders Program challenged me to begin thinking about the legacy I was creating within my organization and how I was contributing to its sustainable growth."

Collaborating and bridging ideas has been imperative as our team has grown from three people in 2004 to nine people in 2011. Being a part of an organization from its founding year has presented particular management challenges; administrative growth and leadership has often felt like a fine art—requiring delegation, patience, and foresight into making sustainable programmatic choices.

The thought implementing real change in your program can be daunting. However, I left the program with the confidence to call myself a leader, the tools to uplift my program and staff members toward best practices, an international network of non-profit peers, and true mentors in the professors and coaches from Columbia Business School.

I was reminded that my most important resource is my time. The professors reinforced that a strategic plan is not only a tool to ensure an organization is forward thinking, but it is an equally effective method of ensuring staff members are meeting their goals as individuals. I have since created my own strategic plan and have encouraged such thinking throughout my organization.