Advanced Management Program – Quick Reference Videos

Hear about the program from faculty director Paul Ingram and program director Bruce Craven.

About the Program

The Business Need

Meet faculty director Paul Ingram, who explains how the Advanced Management Program prepares executives and their organizations to seize opportunity in the face of change.

How Columbia Is Different

Faculty director Paul Ingram explains how Columbia's Advanced Management Programs is different from alternatives at other schools.

The Faculty and Cohort

The Faculty Bench

Hear about the over 50 faculty members and practitioners that teach in the program.

The Program Cohort

Hear from faculty director Paul Ingram and program director Bruce Craven on the diversity of the participants in the program.

The Alumni Network

Program participants become members of Columbia Business School's alumni network. Learn more in this video.

The Program Content

The Curriculum

Learn about the Advanced Management Program's main topics and find out how the program evolves over time.

Immediate ROI

Learn about the Living Case, where program participants first identify and then address a business challenge they're currently facing in their organization.

Examples for Experiential Learning

Program director Bruce Craven names examples for experiential learning in the program, where participants are not just hearing about the idea, but are actually applying them for proof of success.

The Leadership Credo

Program director Bruce Craven explains how participants in the program shape a message about what kind of leader they are and why.

The Location

New York City

Learn how New York City provides a great context for learning and becomes a valuable resource to the program.

The First Half of the Program

Program director Bruce Craven explains why the first half of the program takes place at a conference center on the outskirts of New York City.


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