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"Marketing and Innovation was a great way to learn new techniques for innovative thinking in the business environment. I can't wait to apply these concepts in my company."
– Molly Poppie, The Nielsen Company

Marketing and Innovation

To be truly effective, innovation has to be pervasive and consistent in an organization. Marketing and Innovation will help participants learn how to drive innovation by generating creative solutions to the challenges of new product design and positioning.

Participants will gain a complete toolkit to take with them in order to tackle marketing challenges more creatively, by generating product-centered as well as market-centered insights. You will also learn the art of persuasion to help you find support for innovation through the organization. Finally, you will learn to put an end to self-imposed roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your full creative potential.

This is a hands-on, three-day program that will help you generate creative solutions to problems – solutions that are both novel as well as useful. Each session provides a short conceptual framework followed by an introduction of practical tools and a workshop where the tools can be applied.


In addition, Jacob Goldenberg, co-author of "Inside the Box," teaches techniques in the program that he and his co-author, Drew Boyd, derived from research – techniques that form the basis for Systematic Inventive Thinking, or SIT, now used by hundreds of corporations throughout the world, including industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson, GE, Procter & Gamble, SAP, and Philips.