Executive Access: B2B Strategy for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Developed in response to intense client demand, our Executive Access series of short programs provides you with immediate, actionable insights in an accessible format. The next program in the series is B2B Strategy for Sustainable Competitive Advantage taught by Miklos Sarvary, the Carson Family Professor of Business and the faculty lead for the Media and Technology Program at Columbia Business School.

B2B Strategy for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Date: August 5, 2021
Time: 12–3 p.m. ET
Fee: $450
Format: 3 hours, live online

This program earns 1/2 a certificate credit. Learn more.
Participants of our Executive Access series receive a $450 credit towards any future multi-day executive education program.

Program Overview

Most businesses sell to other businesses. With your customer being an organization with multiple decision makers, creating and implementing a B2B strategy in this context can often be challenging. Through an engaging case study, this three-hour program will introduce you to a tool kit that can help your B2B company create sustainable competitive advantage. You will gain insights into building and managing B2B brands, leveraging your sales force to their best potential, developing a distribution channel to deliver on your brand promise, and capturing the value created for your clients through efficient pricing.

Learning Outcomes

✓ Get an overview of how to build a B2B brand around process and relationship benefits

✓ Understand the role of the sales force in building the brand

✓ Discover best practices for managing the relationship with distributors

✓ Get tips for negotiating prices with business customers


  • B2B Brands and Competitive Advantage
  • Sales Force Design and Management
  • B2B Pricing and Price Negotiations
  • Managing the Distribution Channel


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Miklos Sarvary
Carson Family Professor of Business
Faculty Lead, Media and Technology Program
Columbia Business School

Miklos Sarvary's research focuses on media and information marketing. His most recent papers study ad blocking, online marketplace design, and content bundling on social media. Previously, he worked on user-generated content, online and mobile advertising, and media and telecommunications competition. Sarvary has taught executive courses and consulted in various parts of the world for large corporations, including IBM, INTEL, Nokia, Alcatel, Samsung, Pearson, McKinsey & Co., Dun & Bradstreet and PwC.


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