Executive Access: Develop and Execute the Market Strategy

Developed in response to intense client demand, our Executive Access series of short programs provides you with immediate, actionable insights in an accessible format. An upcoming program in the series is Develop and Execute the Market Strategy: Ensure Your Firm’s Success taught by Noel Capon, the R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing at Columbia Business School.

Develop and Execute a Market Strategy

Date: December 7, 2021
Time: 12–3 p.m. ET (Calculate your timezone.)
Fee: $450
Format: 3 hours, live online

This program earns 1/2 a certificate credit. Learn more.
Participants of our Executive Access series also receive a $450 credit towards any future multi-day executive education program.

Program Overview

All firms across the globe, from entrepreneurial start-ups to established domestic and multinational organizations, face market structures and external environments that are evolving and changing ever more rapidly, and ever more dramatically. Firms will survive, grow, and enhance shareholder value if, and only if, they fully understand the challenges they face in addressing markets, while simultaneously being able to possess the appropriate frameworks and tools to develop robust market strategies and execution plans.

In this program, you will learn how to identify and respond to these changes, and develop effective strategies to succeed in your markets. After attending, you will be equipped to make impactful decisions that will propel your organization forward regardless of your level or function. The learnings from this program are directly applicable to your current position, whether now or in the future.

We anticipate this program will be an intense, but highly interactive, learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

✓ Understand the market structure and environmental challenges your firm faces

✓ Learn what actions you should take, regardless of your organizational position

✓ Know what tasks your marketing organization must complete

✓ Internalize a set of principles to improve your marketing decision-making


1. The Fundamental Business Model

  • How the firm makes profits and enhances shareholder value

2. Core Challenges the Firm Faces

  • The Evolving Market Environment
  • Sea changes in PESTLE Forces
  • Orienting the firm to its external environment

3. Six Marketing Imperatives; the Must-Dos of Marketing

  • From Advice to Action
  • Designing the Market Strategy
  • Executing the Market Strategy
  • Ensuring firm performance is on target
  • How to get back on track

4. Five Principles for Making Effective Marketing Decisions

  • What to keep in mind when making marketing decisions


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Noel Capon
R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing
Columbia Business School

Global leader in Marketing, Salesforce, Key/Strategic, and Global Account Management. R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Columbia Business School; Honorary Dean, Marketing and Innovation College (MIC), Beijing, China; and Chair of the Board of Directors of the press he founded, Wessex Publishing, Inc.

Noel Capon has had a long and successful career as founder/director of numerous executive education programs in marketing, salesforce, key/strategic, and global account management. An award-winning educator, Capon has conducted executive education programs in many countries around the world. He has authored more than 40 books for both student and professional audiences, including Managing Marketing in the 21st Century, Capon’s Marketing Framework, Capon’s Marketing Essentials, and The Virgin Marketer (market planning workbook).


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